A Light in the Darkness (ConCarolinas 2019)

A Light in the Darkness (ConCarolinas 2019)

SYSTEM:  Call of Cthulhu 7e

DATE: May 31, 2019

This adventure was recommended to me through the author on the CoC Facebook group.  I put out a call and two authors posted their adventures.  I bought both and picked this one to run first.  I will run the other.  The scenario is billed as a World War II Survival Horror.  While Survival Horror is hit or miss for me,  World War II is right up my alley.  Then I started reading and it drew me in. The players are Seabees.  That sealed it for me.

It is written fairly well, although I felt like it needed a little more in terms of Keeper Background and detail behind the events that occured before the adventure.  But it definitely gasps the survival horror concept.  Leaving the Seabees standard, unsure about how they are getting off the island, and what they have in this strange box.  It’s a great concept and great set up.

The players got into their roles and the adventure paced well.  I got it done in 4 hours.

Feedback from players:

Angel H: I thoroughly enjoyed the games you ran that I played at concarolinas this past weekend. I’m looking forward to MACE.


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