Dead Light (RonCon Spring 2018)

Dead Light (RonCon Spring 2018)

SYSTEM:  Call of Cthulhu 7e

This was recommended to me by members of the Facebook CoC group.  It was a simple survival game, this adventure has its pros and cons.  Overall, it’s a great adventure, but there are a few problems with the publishing of it and there are pitfalls that a GM can fall in if he runs it.

It read very well, with just a few editing issues.  It is very straightforward and sand-box-like.  It is very well laid out but the maps are do not sync up to the text in certain areas.  In particular, the bathroom is shown on the map as inside when in the text, they mention an outhouse.  Perhaps the map was rendered for something a little more modern.  So don’t use the given maps as player aids unless you do some photoshop.  The main reason that is important is because the outhouse can be used as a great setup.

Figuring out the way the big bad best works as a scary entity is tricky. A floating mass of glowing mercury can be scary if done right. At first, I wanted to add minions, liuke zombies or ghosts of its victims, but I eventually decided against it. I had a hard time coming up with creepy moments with the creature.  Power going out, people disappearing at various random moments all seemed kind of cliched.  I did those, however, I felt like I needed more.

In the end, it was still fun, and shorter than I even planned to me.  We were done in 3 hours.  It was also fairly hard to get the players to conclude how to damage the creature.  They ended up trying to force it back into the box, using the wax.

It was a good game. I tweaked it some (see here), but I think I am going to try and tweek it a little more.

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