Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, played by Chris F.

Dervious Mandalorian Guerilla Trooper

Dervious was born 20 years before the Sith War.  After Ulica defeated the mandalorian leader, Dervious’s father. Dervious began looking for a way to avenge his fathers death. And with the help of the Sith witch Alina, Drevious allowed Ulica to be captured by the Republic. After Ulica’s rescue, Dervious laid low until after the Ulica killed Alina. With everyone dead that knew about his involvement in the attempted execution, Drevious began planning a way to bomb Ulica’s ship. However before he could plant the bomb, Ulica left to attack the Jedi Masters. Dervious however did not understand the power of the dark side and was captured by XarQu. XarQu saw the young mandalorian as a destructive element in his plans
decided to hand Dervious over to Ulica as a prize upon his return. Dervious was placed in dark force Hibernation until Ulica’s return. However Ulica returned with the Jedi Masters and defeated XarQu. And Yavin 4 was declared off limits by the jedi masters. Deep in the mussasie Temples Dervious remained trapped in the Dark force hibernation.

Years latter during the time of the empire Rebel scouts found the crystal where Drevious was placed in hibernation. One of the scouts while taking a sample of the strange crystal shattered it releasing Drevious. Drevious was berserk and killed the scout team. Dervious wondered the planet for several years until he was found by an Imperial forces looking for information about where the rebels went after Yavin 4. Dervious was inevitably captured and taking in front of the Traman ,commander of the Imperal forces. Traman sensed the effect left from the dark Side hibernation.

Several months later Drevious woke up on the planet Onderon, aboard a Corellian freighter. Dervious has no idea how he arrived or what happened to him. (GM Decide). He quickly discovered several cybernetic replacements.

After the Mission was over

Left known space in search of his homeworld. He talked of reuniting his people, and stopping a long war.