Dollar Store/Happy Meal/Thrift Store Sci-Fi Vehicles/Robots & Statues

Dollar Store/Happy Meal/Thrift Store Sci-Fi Vehicles/Robots & Statues

Took some Dollar Store and Kids Meal toy vehicles and repurposed them to sci-fi vehicles.   I also made some robot drones.  My favorite though is the Kid’s Meal angel of death statue made from a Hotel Transylvania Dracula Kids Meal toy, standing on a Hello Kitty Kids Meal toy, with Halloween skull to replace the head, and wings from another Halloween thing for its wings.

The drones are also my favorites.  I took the torso of the Dollar STore battle bot thing, divided it in half.  Used HeroClix/Mage Knight bases for the hover engines.  Then used the turret from a Dollar Store Matchbox-car-sized tank for the weapons.

The Walker thing was a Star Wars toy for whatever line it is that is similar to HeroClix with spring loaded weapons, etc.  I don’t know what it is called but I got a hold of one for basically free.  They also did a line of Transformers and I have some of those.  Anyway, I took some more parts from the Dollar Store battle bots, and Matchbox-car-sized tanks, as well as Warhammer4 40K bits to make a big battle bot.


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