Dr. Cyberon &  the Metal Giants

Dr. Cyberon & the Metal Giants

cybertech6Human & Weren from Cykotek subsect.

A cykotek fringe group made up of a human leader and several cybered up Weren pirates. Assumed deceased after attempting to take the Warhulk.

Cykotek: The members of the death-dealing, flesh-hating cult known as the cykoteks can be of any major species. Humans make up the largest portion of cykotek membership.  Sesheyans and fraal are almost unknown within the group. The weren and t’sa are represented, each for their own reasons and a few rogue mechalus can also be found among their numbers.

A cykolek is an individual who has taken the concept of better living through cybernetics to a new height. With more and more cybernetic components edging outliving tissue, a cykotek believes that metal is the slate of the future and meal is the way of the past. Unfortunately, this compulsion to replace flesh with wires, metal, and plastic has a tendency to drive cykoteks insane.

In addition to a variety of cybernetic equipment displayed openly and proudly, a typical cykotek wears the colors of his or her clangarish face paint and body tattoos, relics of clan significance (hair, feathers, jewelry, bones), and tribal clothing signifying obedience to a particular cult leader. Every cykotek also carries a relic that has personal and profound religious significance to each particular member: a skull of the cykotek’s species. The skull signifies that the Cykotek has triumphed over his or her flesh-sell and is progressing toward perfect purity. In all cases, the skull comes from the cykotek’s first victim-the first murder committed after he or she has pledged to follow a particular cult leader.

Dr. Cyberon: A Cykotek cyberneticist who took the philosophy to the  next level.  Feeling a connection with the Weren, he sought out Weren rogues and outcasts and promised them a better life.  He promised an “evolution through technology” for the creatures.



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