Dr. Jamus Ardlin Arlington-Welles

Dr. Jamus Ardlin Arlington-Welles


Jamus Arlington-Welles was born to Count Jeb Dyah Arlington and Countess Katrina Ardlin Welles; a married couple with in the aristocracy of the Human sovereignty, on a forest planet named Garid Harn, also known as Garid Four. As a result of a failing Human sovereignty economy, Garid Harn was in its low swing in social growth; being a part of an aristocratic family did not mean much. The Garid society was falling fast into the deep dark well of corruption and decadence so well known to the sector.

Jamus was second born of five. His mother was a well-known freelance law-enforcer, running a moderately successful private investigating & bounty hunting business. With this as a job, she was well aware that her family was not immune to the crime around them. She was often reminded of this. In the cold and hard environment of the dying society on Garid, Jamus learned early the ways of the streets, and its price. He developed an early addiction to a high grade neural stimulants when he was kidnapped by some drug dealers in an act of revenge against his mother. His mother rescued him a few days later.

His father was a government medical worker on the surface, while directing a secret GEMM hunting business, keeping it well hidden from his government and the corporate enemies. His father took a liking to the boy and soon after he was old enough, began to take the boy on his hunting trips.

It was during one of these trips late in the boy’s childhood that he and his father were stranded on a far off planet the Human sovereignty wanted to “forcibly reintegrate”. This planet, Aristad, was an old Terran colony that had historically rebelled against the Imperial government and its strong arm of control. The interstellar war halted all civilian space traffic, and kept the two on the planet for just under six standard years. Jamus lived his teenage years on a war torn planet, hiding from inquisitive eyes when they asked where he was from. There was strong prejudice against Human sovereignty aligned humans. The boy and his father lived in poverty and fear for a while, scavenging for food. It was during this time that Jamus came across the strange snake-like insect symbiot. It spoke to him telepathically, pleading for a host. Jamus, not fearing the creature, allowed it to enter his body, where it nested. It sybiotically merged with Jamus, protecting him; being a telepathic third eye, watching his back at times of need and occasionally being a powerful mental weapon.

After some time, Jeb was able to find the boy a job with a local noble which would keep him safe, while the he went looking for a way off the planet. In this job, Jamus was trained to act as the apprentice and stead of the aging Marquis Treldarak “Trel” Megrara, the director of a major corporation on this planet, MegraCo. The young aggressive boy excelled as an apprentice company director.

As the war raged, a even greater destruction was converging on Aristad; a tremendous planetary fragment was hurling toward the planet in a collision coarse that would destroy all life on the planet. The destruction would render the planet useless. Because of the war’s destruction, the Aristadians were unable to spot it until it was too late. The Human sovereignty immediately abandoned their efforts to “reintegrate” Aristad, and left the people to their fate.

Many of the nobles had plans on monopolizing all the transport on planet, and leaving the “peasants” to fend for themselves, but the peasants grew wise to this plan. While his son was busy with MegraCo, Jeb was able to contacted a rebel force that had plotted to hijack several nobles’ transports, and use them as evacuation ships. Jeb arranged for a ship to take them both out of the system and back to the Human sovereignty. They escaped just in time.

After returning to a loving mother and a family that missed them both greatly, Jamus began to delve into his father’s career; he wanted to become a Gemmer. He continued to excel in his studies and graduated from one of the Human sovereignty’s best university’s with flying colors. During his education, he studied ship operations and xenotheory, hoping to tie these skills in with the ones he had already learned from his father. He tried his skills as a merchant marine for a short time, with plans to go back to his father’s GEMM business.

He returned after failing badly at being a merchant marine. Not long afterwards, his father died of unknown causes, leaving the GEMM business to Jamus. In becoming the Senior Director of the largest covert GEMM hunting business in the sector, he attracted a lot of attention, including an older woman on the board of directors. He did not return her affections, so she took insult, quit and left, swearing revenge.

When the Sathar-Siriusian onslaught struck his sector of space, Jamus felt compelled to join the Human sovereignty Marine Corp, and use his skills as a Gemmer to fight the bio-weapons the Sathars were using. He fought well and hard, gaining many honors. After the war, Jamus felt old and worn out. He went into research for Wartech; special weapons division. He later grew weary of this work, and went into a special branch of the Wartech corporate intelligence; gengineering intel. This was what made him a prisoner of End City.