Dragonstar campaign notes

Dragonstar campaign notes

Don’t Count Your Eggs

Background to the Campaign

The Last Wyvern is a Imperial Scout ship lost on a remote world in the Outlands . Two Factions want to recover the cargo of this ship – Dragon Eggs. These are lead by:

  • Saergin Thunderclaw – a half-Blue Dragon who is a revolutionary with second thoughts. Run’s the Blue Talons of Truth.
  • Raspin Morningflight – a half-copper Dragon controlled by the Mindslayers.

These to factions had crew on the ship. The Raspin loyalists were going to betray the rest and steal the eggs. Unfortunately, they did not plan on the pirate attack.

The original plotline I had for this campaign involved a mindflayers plot to infect the Dragons of the galaxy with a spawn of some kind, to convert them to a Cthhonian Dragon (Legends & Lairs Draconic Lair).


To stop this, the players were unwittingly set on a quest to reawaken the Crystal Dragons, which have been asleep for a long time.  My intention was to have them search for one egg for each of the types of Crystal Dragons in various locations in the known worlds.

In truth, the Mindflayers are waging a war in the mysterious regions of space  called the Dark Zone.  They need to convert the dragons to the Cthhonian dragon slave warbeasts to fight this war.  They are also controlled Kelvington-Wade, who is using a special terraforming technique that will send similar spores out on planets along the Dark Zone to build an army of Ith-kon creatures to fight this enemy.

The Mindflayers need “living crystals” to spread these spore so they are harvesting races like the Tarn Idoun to do it by grinding them up into a powder and integrating this powder with the spores.

A faction of Ith-Kon (Galactic Races) serve as agents to the Mindflayers in the Outland Station/Primogen region of space.

A Prophecy foretold all of this.  Here are portions of the prophecy:

“The great seer of all will be struck down, to rise up again resurrected as a new warrior of light…”

“And then the gems shall choose a champion…”

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