Dreamblade Freakzoid to Spectator

Dreamblade Freakzoid to Spectator

I have been working with an idea to convert a Dreamblade Freakazoid into a Beholder/Spectator. A beholder has way more detail than I can get into this creature so I went with a spectator.

2015-05-19 18.10.47
Rebased Freakazoids I already had. I bought a new one for this craft

I tried to document my progress…..

#1 – Cut it off the base with a sharp knife and then remove the legs. The picture is taken after I had dipped the head in acetone.

#2 & #3 – bought some eyes from Hobby Lobby, 12 mm $1.99.

#4 used a dremel tool to flatten the area around the nose and eyes. Drilled a hole in the middle because the eyes had posts and I figured I would take advantage of that.

#5 used hot glue to go around the eye and give the creature more texture.

#6 used paper clips to be the wire frame for the tentacles. Heated them up and pressed them in the head, Then hot glued the ends.

#7 more hotglue for the tentacles

#8 decided to try something. I had hot glue and a compressed air can and tried to make spiky horns in various places to add more to the creature…. worked out pretty well. Used the compressed air to rapid cool the hot glue to get the horns to stay.

#9 after spray paint.

And the final product, after painting

I was reasonably pleased.