Alien Species: Eirkar

Alien Species: Eirkar

I am pretty sure one of my players submitted this race but I can not remember who. It was never used in my games.

Physical Description

The Eirkar are a bipedal mammalian-rodentus race similar in appearance to the Terran grey squirrel. Indeed, they share 92.5 percent common DNA with the human animal. This leads to speculation of possible genetic manipulation and resettlement by some ancient civilization.

Historical Details

Eirkar history is notable for it’s lack of violence. Some non-Eirkar sociologists think this is more evidence of extra-terrestrial origins.

The first-contact story with the Eirkar is an interesting one. The [Torani] first discovered their planet, and subsequently began a survey of the planet. One of the [Torani] geologists had been surveying local mineral formations, and had stopped to eat, when he heard the CAS on his belt being operated. He jerked around and saw a furry form scampering into the trees. He checked the command buffer of the CAS and noticed the commands entered by the creature exactly matched the commands entered by him just before he stopped to rest.

The Eirkar were somewhat primitive before discovery, similar to the Bengradi, with a tech level approximately equal to that of 7th century Europe. However, 20 years after being discovered by the [Torani], and thereafter left alone. A Vrusk scientific team found them approximately equal to 1700’s Europe.


Eirkar sight is their strongest one. Their eye for detail is unparalleled among all other races. Their visual range is actually somewhat less than average for intelligent races, but they notice almost EVERYTHING in their field of view; they can read a notepad from the imprints of writing even if the top 5 pages are removed. All other senses are roughly average.

Speech & Lang

Eirkar language is an incredibly quick series of squeaks, squeals and peeps. The language is so rapid that very few non-Eirkar have learned the language conversationally (most translators have to listen to 1/4 speed recordings). Even a polyvox is functionally useless unless the Eirkar speaks slowly enough, since the polyvox translates in real time.

Social structure and standards

Eirkar family is based around the matriarchal family group. They have no formal obligations about paternal commitment but it is custom for the father to stay in the general area until the young are self-supporting, approximately 15 years.

Eirkar cities are still small, and their population is much more spread out than other races because they are more sensitive to population density than other races. Their buildings are rarely over two stories, and are typically built in the branches a forest of some type.


Eirkar are curious about everything and everyone. They are consumed with a desire to learn about new things and places . They are also intensely curious about all technical devices. They are non-beligerant, but not pacifistic. They will fight only until they can run.

Racial abilities

Claws- These are mainly designed for climbing, and only only add two to PS for combat, but when combined with Eirkar natural aptitude for climbing, the claws act as a sue-set on any reasonably rough surface.

Entertaining: Acrobatics- level (1d6)

Comprehension- Similar to the Vrusk ability to understand social structure, Eirkar can intuitively understand the proper operations of unknown technical devices. The base chance for this ability is half the intuition score. This is modified by factors such as time spent with the object, related skills, whether the device was created by a known race, etc.

Racial Modifiers:


DEX/RS +10



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