Elwyn Voss

Elwyn Voss

CEO of the Voss Group of Nestora.  Mysterious elf of unknown age, he has a army of androids that serve him.

Elwyn Voss is, in truth, 1200 years old. This is long lived even for an elf and it is only the technology Voss has spent a lifetime studying that’s now keeping him alive. Through the door, the heroes enter a very large, dimly lit room. They are on a scaffold high above the floor (a stairway leads down), and in the center of the room is a large bank of computers and medical equipment. In the middle of all the equipment is a reclined chair, full of flashing lights, tubes, and wires—the chair supports an emaciated elf. This is Elwyn Voss.

The holographic image of Voss appears again, standing next to the chair, as Voss’s real hand quivers a bit. “Now, you see me for what I actually am. A tired, worn-out husk. I project my thoughts and self-image through these machines, so that I can interact with others as I wish to. I fear I do not have long. I remember the Chaos Wars, you see, and I remember my comrades who fought and died. I wish to see their work completed, once and for all.”

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