Engineering Room 1

Engineering Room 1

This is a craft I put together for a the Tabletop Crafting Guild 2018 Secret Santa. It combined several craft techniques I learned on YouTube. The tiles are made of the Dollar Store Play Foam Puzzle Mats designed in a fashion based on Wyloch’s tile system. I used card board and granny-grid. I probably will do my next batch a little different. I’ll post when I have those complete.

The “generators” are ice tea bottles with medicine bottle caps. I used a ton of Mage Knight bases for features, as well as some 40K bits I got off Ebay.

The Control center is also my Craft off submission for December 2018, using a Halloween light, a plastic Christmas Ball and a bunch of 40K bits.

The Core is a hair dryer diffuser, a CD for the base, some other bits and parts, and a medicine bottle caps. What was interesting was finding a bottle cap that (1) fit a T-light and (2) fit the diffuser neck.

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