Fading Suns d20: The Verdict

Fading Suns d20: The Verdict


After a two year campaign using Fading Suns d20, I have to say that I am happy and disappointed at the same time.  I still love the campaign world, but without a doubt, this version of d20 is not the way to go.  I tried to make it work but in the end things just did not work out the way I wanted them to.

My players were around 10th level and only the in the beginnings of their prestige classes and many of them were simply two powerful for me to deal with.  I hate designing encounters that specific hamstring specific characters, but I almost had to resort to that at times to make the encounter work.  Specifically, my theurgy and more-so psychic characters were just too much.  Certain aspects of Psychic are simply broken and too powerful.  Maybe I made Wyrd too plentiful when I gave everyone Wyrd and used them as Action points, but all they needed was enough Wyrd, and my monsters and challenges were toast.

My non-aligned  character was hard to work with.  Specifically, when one of my players simply chose to not align himself with a faction, and essentially be a freeman, he was not a very effective character.  Maybe it was the way he was roleplaying him, and maybe it is the nature of the setting more than the system, but I was not satisfied with some of the results in character development.

My ending was simply disappointing, and I blame that on a lot of things.  One character simply was too powerful for what I set up.  Like I said, I did not want to hamstring one particular character in favor of my story, but looking back, I should have.

If I decide to do this again, it will be in a different system.  Maybe True20 or Fading Suns 3rd Edition if they ever get it out.  But in general, this did not work.  I was sadly disappointed with Fading Suns d20.  Not to say that the Victory Point system would have been any better.  I dare say it would have been worse and less satisfying.  I do not think we would have lasted the two and half years that it did, in fact.  There has to be a better system to run in this universe and if I decide to continue this campaign, I will find it.


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