Fading Suns True20 V2.

Fading Suns True20 V2.

The Races Update

A even more complete conversion. Added the d20 races from the Character Codex, 2 new races from other sources, updated existing races with new options.

I added the Ascorbites, Etyri, Gannock, Hironem, Oro’ym, and the Shantor from the Character Codex. Against my best judgement, I even included the Oro’ym, and the Shantor. I just feel they are less desirable to ply as character races. As NPCs, they would be great but not player.

I also added two published races from other sourcebooks – the Ishkin and the Manshogo. The Ishkin are a race from Lost Worlds that I felt woudl really work well in Known Worlds. Because of their sneaky nature, I imagined that it would not take long for them to infiltrate the known worlds.

The Manshogo are a less easier to explain. They are a races from the Vau region of space. I felt that eventually, because of the rebellious nature, the Vau would allow them to explore the Known Worlds, and establish relations. They are basically a balancing factor again the Vorox. I liked them enough that I felt they needed to be a character race.

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