Fallen Angels 2: Fortress of the Angel (MACE West 2020)

Fallen Angels 2: Fortress of the Angel (MACE West 2020)

Date: February 28, 2020

Re-running with hopes it would go a different direction – and in some ways it did.  Of the two I ran, this was the more serious because of the players.  And I don’t mind that.  There are some serious elements in this game.

Playing was Heath M, Dan S, Doyle H, Christina S and Ensley G.  They played (respectively) – The Doctor, the Uber Soldier, The scarred soldier, the Psionic and the Hacker assassin.

Once again, it went long.  And it didn’t help that I added an encounter with more zombies.  But it was a cool encounter.  It came about because they stayed on mission – they were going to retrieve what they were tasked to retrieve no matter what.  Not everyone does that.  

The key thing is in both times I ran it, I gave them The Pill – the Soul Snuffer. It was a cool concept that – a pill that kills as well as destroys neural brain activity – and I only introduced it to bring Psychic abilities as a reality to the game setting but they always seem to end up using it as a weapon against the big bad.

I thought about changing the pill to a tooth implant but if I do, they will need bigger guns. I may have to introduce the plasma guns as a new experimental weapon that they may try to retrieve. They are going to need something because they won’t have what it takes to kill the final bad guy.

In the end, this game was awesome. I really try to make it worth their time – with visuals, the story and the depth. This group appreciated all of it. I always say that I tend to add too much story for a con game but I like it when the players appreciate the story.

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