Farstar Fantasy Away Team

Farstar Fantasy Away Team


Farstar Fantasy Away Teams

1) Kl’aal.
2) Gorak.
3) Captain Adrimetrium: “This requires a special touch.”
4) Moyoto.
5) B’Dorbeck.

Most Likely To Start A Gunfight:
1) Unda: Always a safe bet, but hasn’t left the ship in a while.
2) Gorak.
4) Dervious.
5) Samarion.
6) Night Terrors: pick one
7) Captain Adrimetrium: “You have forced me to use the deadliest of

Random Casulity:
1) Dervious: Always gets shot.
2) SLAVE: Guardian droid. ’nuff said.
3) Sooni: Gets shot at alot. And sometimes, by the bad guys.
4) B’Dorbeck: Diplomat? What’s that?
5) Bifzik: Shoot the bug! Shoot the bug!

1) Loh’Khar: Greedy? Need we say more?
2) Gorak: Gorak.
3) Dajus: Ex-Imperial. Yeah, right.
4) Kl’aal: Only the shadow knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men.
5) Akenseh: Just to be fair.
6) Brandis Turgah: Loh’Khar wanna-be.

Most Likely To Be In A Hunting Party:
1) Sooni: Gunther’s hunting partner. Bait.
2) Kl’aal.
3) Samarion.
4) Gorak.
5) Gunther.

Useless Baggage:
1) B’Dorbeck: “Diplomat? We don’t need no stinkin’ diplomat.”
2) The Squib brothers.
3) Brophar: Keeps the shuttle ready.