Tech: Federanium Power Armor

Tech: Federanium Power Armor

At one point, my players got ahold of Federanium armor from an alien race, the Shri’ik. The overall story arch of this campaign was that this alien race knew how to forge Federanium, using Psionics.  They decided to convert the armor into powered armor.  I never really gave them stats of the armor but it was pretty powerful.

By John Reavis

Federanium Armor from Heliope/Shri’ik Single Combat

Exosekelton (improved)

Parabattery type 2

Solar Generator type 1


Infrared Jammer




Water Pack

Toxy-rad Gauge

Computer Level 1

Maxi-prog Level 1


Rocket Pack/Fuel

Life Support/Refill


Infrared C

Motion A

Parabolic A

Radar C


Top Speed: 200 m/turn

Turn Speed: 190 m/turn

Acceleration: 180 m/turn

Deceleration: 160 m/turn

Total ost: 30, 000 Cr.

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