Felooshia Mars*

Felooshia Mars*

(an unnamed Breed expansion)

Species: Human
Type: Humanoid Mutant
Origin: Unknown

Strength 6
Constitution 7
Agility 8
Intelligence 6
Education 11
Charisma 12
Empathy 10
Initiative 3
Move 3/10/20/35
Skill/Dam 4/3d6
Hits 40/80
Appear 1

Documented Notes


Add-ins & Elaborations

Felooshia is undocumented and anything I add her is totally based n my imagination.

Felooshia has strong Empathic and Telepathic abilities. She is also a shifter of sorts, able to change her skin color like a chameleon.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Chameleon ability

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Strong Empath/Telepoathic/Telekinetic



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