Captain’s Log: Final thoughts of a stressed out captain

Captain’s Log: Final thoughts of a stressed out captain

Here we are hours away from finishing our mission. I have had to demote my first officer and I have made a log entry of his actions. I recommend the New Republic detain him until a proper investigation can be performed. I don’t believe for a minute that he will return from the rift with the crew. Most likely, he will sneak off somewhere on the other side and try to start a new life. For what it’s worth, I wish him the best of luck. And I have made arrangements to have the Farstar look the other way when he dose leave. I hope I will have the pleasure of meeting him again.

Always remember, Gorak, I was proud to have you has a member of my crew.

I promoted Thyte to first officer. I hope he will take the same attitude with the ship that he had with the bridge. Even with his stumbling, Thyte has always been one of my most trusted officer. He may not have always agreed with me but he was always looking out for the best interest of the ship.

I recommend that Sgt. Tofarain receive a promotion. The New Republic needs to find a good starship in need of an good chief engineer and place him there. It will be a shame if the Republic allows a fine officer like this one to escape.

Kla’al… I’m not sure what to say aboput him. He has always been a trusted friend and allie. I truly believe the Farstar would not be here today if it wasn’t for the help of this defel. Under the shadows and secrets, Kla’al has was ways been there to defend the crew when we needed him the most. It can honestly be said that I have never served with a braver officer and hope to see him after this mission is over.

I recommend Lt. Gorjaye be promoted to the New Republics E-wing flight group. There has never been a better pilot in the Republic. However, a small note for her next commanding officer: Gorjaye has a small temper but it was well placed. She’s only concerned with the safety of the men and women under here command.

Dr. Akenseh (MISSING IN ACTION): I only hope, old friend, that you find the peace your looking for. I owe you my life and the lives of the men and women of the Farstar. I’m sure that the guilt that you feel is misplaced. I have never met a kinder fish. I only wished you could have been here to see Sarne brought to justice. I will make sure a com system makes it onto the next food and medicine shipment that stops by your planet. If you ever need anything, just ask.

Dajus, well what can I say. You have had a very interesting history, haven’t you. I have conveniently arranged to lose all records of your link with Sarne. I only hope that you will take advantage of this gift and start a new life. I recommend that some day you travel to Yavin 4 and see Luke Skywalker. You have gifts that I would hate to see go to waste. And I believe he will be able to help you find your new path.

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