Flails of Asar & the Neithian Guard

Flails of Asar & the Neithian Guard

Barbarian Human (?) worshiping Unknown Gods.  Barbarian warriors with Genetically engineering in the lineage, now specifically bred for war.

Barbarian Cultist Warriors that seem to have access to Ur Tech.  Their armor has one of 3 weapons

Bioweapon (True20 Stats)

[ Chitin Darts (+2/+3 dmg, 20 crit, 20ft rng, 10 ammo, poison)

Flamethrower (+6, 30ft cone)

[Spines (+3 dmg, no crit, automatic hit adjacent target)


High Neithian Sais’Zau – Ruthless and fanatical leader of the Neithian Guard on Grail.



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