Flatlands: Modern Tiles & Tokens – Megaset 1

Flatlands: Modern Tiles & Tokens – Megaset 1

From: Dirty Unicorn Games/12 to Midnight Games

Reviewed by: Ron McClung

Flatlands: Modern Tiles & Tokens – Megaset 1 is a new PDF RPG Resource from Dirty Unicorn Games/12 to Midnight Games.

Flatlands: Modern Tiles & Tokens – Megaset 1 is a RPG map and token resource geared toward d20 Modern play that includes 50 pages of tiles and tokens. In it there are creatures, objects, vehicles, and other items commonly found in a role playing game encounter. Not only is this available to buy, but 10 color map sheets, over 160 combat tokens, furniture, objects, vehicles, and smoke canisters are available in the free demo version.

From the 12 to Midnight website:

“We demo’d this baby at GenCon and it turned heads from fans and fellow industry pros alike.”

Obviously, by the title, one would assume this is part of a series of PDFs to come out by Dirty Unicorn Games, and the PDF says just that in the first pages. It is a collaboration of many different art pieces crafted by dozens of artists in a wide variety of fields, from computer artists and 3D model makers to texture designers and traditional 2D artists. The text says that despite the detail of each tile and token, it is intended that these tiles be as generic as possible, for use in any RPG game.

After the short intro, Section 2 – Getting Started gives the reader many tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this PDF file. From printing to mounting, protecting and laminating, the writer gives solid advice to making permanent use of these tiles and tokens.

In Section 3 – Combat Tiles are the tiles used for mapping. They are straight forward 8 1/2″ X 11″ pages that can be printed and cut out into any shape. There are 10 terrain types including Boiler Plates, Rustworks, Flood Grates, Abandoned Building, Concrete, and Factory Steel. These are just textured squares that a GM can cut into the maps shapes he needs. These are nicely rendered and texturized. My favorites are towards the end – Bloody Concrete and Crime Scenes.

From the website:

“It’s crazy how much stuff Dirty Unicorn fit in one PDF–but that’s why it’s called a ‘megaset’.”

The Section 4 – Combat Tokens contains several sheets of modern and horror themed tokens for all kinds of tactical encounters. They include Combat Tokens and Vehicle Tokens as well as Blank Tokens. Combat Tokens are nicely-illustrated counters depicting people, animals or monsters. They can be used to represent NPCs, enemies, or players. They are grouped by type and by how they are framed – standard, frames with no names, and no frames/no names. They range in size from 1”×1” to 4”×4”, representing a range of sizes (in d20 terms, medium, large, huge and gargantuan). All are well done and very useful. This section ends with several vehicles including police cars, military Hum-Vees, trucks, and helicopters.

Section 5 – Objects and Objectives contains various background and decor items to dress up your maps and battlefields. This includes furniture, gear, doors, top-view vehicle tokens and smoke markers. All vary in size.

Finally, Section 6 – Vehicle Stats provides a complete list on all the vehicles included in this set with full stats for the D20 Modern roleplaying system. This is an excellent bonus. This includes civilian vehicles like Armored Van, H2 Hummer, Police Car, and 4-Door Sedan, as well as military vehicles like HMMWV, M996 Medical, UH-60 Blackhawk and SH-60 Seahawk.

In conclusion, this is a really good product. It goes far beyond what I would have expected for this type of product. It not only has the tiles, but it has tokens for a wide variety of things as well as stats for some D20 Modern. This is an outstanding set. I look forward to more, especially the d20 Future version.

For more details on Dirty Unicorn Games/12 to Midnight Games and their new PDF RPG Resource “Flatlands: Modern Tiles & Tokens – Megaset 1” check them out at their website http://www.12tomidnight.com.

Flatlands: Modern Tiles & Tokens – Megaset 1

From: Dirty Unicorn Games/12 to Midnight Games

By: Jeff Varnes

Edited by: Ed Wetterman, Preston DuBose, Jerry Blakemore

Cover Art & Layout: Jeff Varnes

Tiles: Alec Moody, Jeff Varnes

Tokens: Jeff Varnes

Number of Pages: 53

Game Components Included: One PDF File

Game Components Not Included: Core d20 Rulebooks

Retail Price: $ 11.95 (US)

Website: www.12tomidnight.com

Reviewed by: Ron McClung