Species: Near-Human

Type: Humanoid Mutant

Origin: Germany

Strength 9
Constitution 8
Agility 9
Intelligence 8
Education 10
Charisma 7
Empathy 4
Initiative 3
Move 3/10/20/35
Skill/Dam 5/2d6
Hits 40/60
Appear 1

Documented Notes

Once a normal human, Frick was a troubled child. Haunted by a hole that was hidden his father’s house that seem to hang in midair, he finally got curious enough to stick his head into it. The other side softened his bones and flesh and stretched as he fought to pull it out. After this encounter, he never saw his family again.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Frick is troubled. He’s a pathological liar who also knows when others are lying to him. But the one truth he does tell his the encounter with “the Hole”. It’s a great relief to tell that truth, because any lie he hears (even his own) causes pain that he fights to hide.

Obviously, an encounter with a natural stable dimensional fissure, Frick was drawn to it, but feared it. No one else believed him that it existed and perhaps only he could see it. Regardless, he will never return to Hamburg again.

Natural Weapons/Abilities


Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Dimensional Sense

Lie Detection


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