FS Psychic Paths (True20)

FS Psychic Paths (True20)

New Approach to Fading Suns Psychic Paths

When I started to make the conversions, I wanted to do a few things when I started work on supernatural side of things.

  1. Preserve some of the feel of the occult paths including the drawbacks.
  2. Limit them in such a way that they were not cookie cutter but also did not give them unlimited access to all the powers.
  3. Create enough difference in both the two main paths that they would be attractive in their own way.
  4. Keep everything within the design philosophy of True20. KISS!

The Psychic Paths that the Adept can choose from are based on Supernatural Philosophies in the Adept’s Handbook.  the only exception is they are limited to their Canonical Powers. An adept Psychic can cast any powers they know on their canonical power list as though they were one adept level higher. All other powers are considered Barred Powers, except any that the psychic may have picked up from previous Paths. Powers obtained from other Paths are cast at normally levels.

Once a path is chosen (assuming the prerequisites are met), the psychic can choose from the list of powers. An Adept can change Paths every 5 levels in Adept he gains, regardless of the number of Power chosen. The Psychic only has access to the powers of his current Path, but keeps the powers obtained from previous Paths. However, only the Perk/Drawback of his current Path is active.

I liked the concept of the Supernatural Philosophy as presented in the Adept’s Handbook.  I wanted to limit the power of the psychic but not to the point of uselessness.  I did ban certain powers because they were simply not “psychic” enough but I think I provide enough powers to make each path interesting.  And like Fading Suns VP and d20, I give the character the option to change from one path to another every 5 levels.  I struggled with that last part, howver.  I wasn’t sure if I should limit it or not.  That’s something I would need to see in play test to decide if I need to change it or not.

On top of everything else, I added a Perk and/or drawback to the path to give it some character.  Some Paths inherently had some Drawbacks or perks so I went through each and added at least a Perk to them.

Also I added a new path – Empathic.  Inspired by many of the other games I have played as well as certain powers in True20 that cried out to me asking for a Path, I created a “feeling”-type pyschic.