GenCon 2008 or Bust!

GenCon 2008 or Bust!

The Mecca of Gamers east of the Mississippi. My first trip to GenCon. It might be my only trip to GenCon, at least fora while. My wife OK’d it for me to be away four nights, 5 days, I have 2 other guys (Heath and Neil) committed to help with expenses, used Marriott points, renting a car… all we have to do is wait 6 months.

I have already signed up for 4 games – Stargate, Babylon 5, Bloodshadows and Fading Suns. I ahve 6 months to prepare. I am going to try and turn it up a notch to make the experience of each game better. More handouts, re-do the characters for each game, trim the adventures down to make sure they fit in a 4 hour slot, maybe some props, who knows. It’s GenCon. I have to at least be really prepared.

I am afraid though I may be nervous. I usually do games within my confort zone – MACE or ConCarolinas or StellarCon – where I feel I am in control. At GenCon, I am jsut another number, just another GM amoung hundreds.

I am told I need to check out True Dungeon. I might do that. I want to at least get ideas on how to improve gaming registration at MACE. I am afraid I will only find ideas that require more staff.

I am also going to meet up with some professionals including peopel from GamingReport, meet some folks that Neil knows to try and bolster my writing career. This is important to me as I really want to start writing. I see possiblities everywhere, its a matter of finding that nitch and grabbing ahold. Seize the day!