Ghost in the Shadows: Session Notes

Ghost in the Shadows: Session Notes

Timeline: 2258

January 4th, 2258

B5 Season 1 Episode 1 – “Midnight on the Firing Line”

  • Ragesh 3 attacked
  • Raiders Problems
  • The Council fails to vote on Sanctions on the Narn Regime.
  • Sinclair discovers that the Narns are supplying the Raiders, and to avoid the embarrassment, the Narn Regime makes peace.

January 19th, 2258

Module One

 Adventure/Connection Possibilities

  • One team just came from Ragesh 3
  • Another team encountered Raiders on the way over.
  • Possible Job:  Vir Cotto, looking to please Mollari, need an errand run for Mollari. 
  • Getting an item to fulfill a vice – prostitute, bottle of illegal liquor or illegal incense.
  • Possible Job: Narn Weapons dealer, forced to stop shipments to the raiders, is looking for ways to retrieve his product from the Raiders.
  • Isolated violence between Narn and Centauri
  • Raiders looking for new ways to attack shipping lanes

Session I (10-25-2008)

  • Have the players pick a job out of the Want Ads, and have them involved in that when things start.
  • Have the Centauri character work with another member of the other team.
  • The Centauri character is approached first to point out a few candidates. He should point out his team members and the other team.
  • Each team member will have an encounter that will test their individual abilities. These encounters will hurt but not kill.
    • Thug/fighter will get attacked by thugs in a back alley
    • Engineers will run into trouble in the transporter tubes or elevators and have to fix their way out of it.
    • Pilots will get in trouble on a routine shuttle flight.

Session II (11-22-2008)

Aboard the Liberty’s Fortune , Destination: Levana system, Leveana IV Beta. Levena System is between Llort Space and a Drazi outpost. The Route goes through a Transfer point at T’lad’tha in Descari space, passed a Drazi outpostAccompanied by Dave McCullough, Alison Fernandez, and pilot (Rasheed Isanda). Zero-G conditions, magnetic boots at all times.

1 DAY LATER (January 20th, 2258): At T’lad’tha, they are boarded by the Drazi who say they are searching for pirates or raiders that attacked them recently.

Encounter Enhancements:

  • Raider attack?
  • Witness of “something” (Shadow, Wraith)
  • Idea:  Given a passenger the Drazi wish to get rid of.  An x_species_x NPC that has visions of “wraith” and “they are watching us, behind the Shadows

7 DAYS LATER (January 26th, 2258): Arrive at Levanna System.  Huge gas giant with several moons; one large rocky moon is the Descari colony.  They turn for Levanna IV, another world in the system.

  • Land near Camp  (see map and description, p19)
  • Search location (p19-20)
  • CHANGE:  Make the planet unpleasant.  Cold, windy, perhaps a dust storm settling in, make the climate a small challenge to deal with.
  • The Ruins
    • Ancient Minbari, very functional, basic.  Destroyed by the Shadow ship that was buried.
    • There are some markings that a Minbari would recognize as ancient Minbari.
    • ADD: Some clue to “something else”
    • Cavern with bodies
  • LLort attack, capture.

Session III (12-6-2008)

 Llort Capture and Rescue by Drazi

Why is Kiron in the ship? – Something was bothering him (telepathic headache; a vision). Vision: Show Kiron visions from the original battle between the Shadow ship and the Wraith ships. Then show scenes of the infested ship rising and being attacked by the Shadow ship.

The Capture: 4 players are captured, one is left in ship (Kiron Jaddo), and one has not been captured (D’Kahn).  Llort want the Liberty. Once they have captured the group, they will work to take the Liberty.  They will take the prisoners to the Liberty and try to persuade them to let them in.  Upon board (if the players somehow warn the pilot), the anti-hijacking system will engage and take out the Llort. The players then must find the Llort ship and maybe the scientists.

Llort ship – they can track the group that just attacked them to the ship.  There are two Llort inside.  They can board using explosives or hacking. Once they have entered the ship, they can either take it or simply find the scientists and leave. Idea: The ship is camouflaged. Instead of netting, it is a holographic camouflage that the llort leader has the controller for.  Once it turns off, it is visible to the Drazi ship above, who will take pot shots at once it is visible.  So as the players are dealing with the last of the Llort crew, the Drazi ship will start firing on the stationary Llort ship. They may try to turn the camouflage back on, but the Drazi know its there, so they will keep firing.

Upon rescuing the scientists, they reveal that the Llorts took their notes and their samples. They need to recover those.  Anderson’s Agents will want to recover the data as well.  It will seem like the data is more important than the scientists.

Expansion:  The story of the ruins

The ruins were built by an ancient race digging something out of the ground.

From what they learned from the records found in the ruins –

  • It was a ship of another even more ancient race.
  • The ship seemed alive and organic.
  • But there seemed to be something wrong. It was had patches of grey as if it was diseased.
  • When it awakened, the ship lifted off, destroying the excavation, killing many.
  • It flew wildly, as if not in control of itself.
  • As soon as it arose in orbit, other ships similar in design attacked and destroyed it and the rest of the excavation.
  • The scientists believe they may be able to recover a piece of the “diseased” ship.

What happened: The ship the ancient Minbari found was a Shadow ship that had come in contact with the Wraith Hivemind. It spread like a virus, growing into a second consciousness allied with the Wraith.  Instead of destroying itself, it buried itself in this planet, with two minds battling over control of it.  It laid dormant until it was found by the Minbari, when the battle of control awakened.  Meanwhile, the Shadows had already learned that the Minbari had found the infected Shadow ship, and were waiting hidden to destroy it.  Once the infected ship was in orbit, the Shadow ships attacked and destroyed it.

How much do the scientists reveal or how do the players find out?: The scientists will not openly reveal what they were working on. If asked, they will say it is not something they are authorized to share. But once they see the Anderson’s agents, one might change his mind and at least try to pass on some information.

One Scientist did speak – left a message for Joe Means to find. All it said was “There is a piece left behind” (meaning there is a piece of the “infected Shadow ship”)

Returned to B5 – February 11, 2258

Session IV (1-17-2009)

 February 12th, 2258 (Between Module One and Two)

Present – Bill Bo. (Sha’Lan), Bill Ba. (D’Kahn), Jim H.(Za’Roth), Rob O. (new – human), Andy R. (new –drazi )

Return to B5 and deal with personal business.  Start the side adventure – First Session of the Eye of the Shadow.

Modified Eye of the Shadow mini-campaign – Adventure 1

Basics: The players are drawn into the search for the Eye, the Centauri treasured artifact.  A Narn interest has discovered that independent agents have been hired by House Kiro in search of something within Narn space.  The players have been tasked with the mission to find out what they are looking for and why.

Optional: A known Narn cult has been connected to these efforts and some agents have clashed with cult agents.  The Cult of Du’Garoth.


Travis Reno: First Lead: A group of agents was hired on B5, by a known freelance broker named Travis Reno (human).  It seems that he likes the results of fair competition because he is hiring multiple groups of agents for the same job. They are told to contact Reno, apply for the job and gather intelligence about him, his client, and the other teams.


– Use the introduction encounter in Eye of the Shadow.  All the same information.

Modified Eye of the Shadow mini-campaign

Modified Scene 3 – Getting on the Trail (Initiating Adventure 1)

Optional: New character brought in will be someone searching for the Eye – An independent archeologist/scientist/alien tech researcher.

Gather Information on The Eye
Difficulty Information Obtained
5 The Eye was lost sometime in mid 2100s in the Nu’Shok system, which is currently in disputed space, one jump from Quadrant 14.
10 The Battle of Nu’Shok was between Centauri occupational forces and Narn resistance fleet.
15 The Centauri built two research and observation posts on that world, using Narn slave labor.  The world is harsh and the attack was an attempt to free those slaves.
20 At the time The Eye was lost, the Emperor was visiting a Centauri outpost on Nu’Shok 6 in the Nu’Shok system.
25 The Outpost was attacked by Narn forces while the Emperor was there.  It is unknown what happened with The Eye.  The Emperor was hurriedly evacuated from the Outpost.  After the attack, Narns never lay claim to the planet.  They simply attacked any force on the world.
30 Nu’Shok is referenced in one of the heretical books of G’Quan as a sacred location.  This heretical script is known as the Scrolls of Nu’Garoth.

Digging Deeper

Specific Influence: Telepath/Underground/Criminal

Rogue Telepath: One of the characters gets  lead from the Rogue Telepath underground that a particular Rogue Telepath named Samantha Stevenson.

What only a few know is that this telepath was not entirely stable and in fact some viewed as insane (telepathic experiment?).  She mumbled to herself quite often and no one knew the reason for her instability.  However, in her mumblings, she did mention the “Eye of Na’shuk” a few times.

This telepath escaped the Psi Corp and ended up at B5 in the brown sector, hiding out in the bowels of the great station.

Samantha has not been seen for quite a while. Most people know where she used to hang out, but not many have seen her recently.

Digging deeper, the players will find out someone else was looking for her a few months/weeks/days ago and there is enough evidence to show that Psi-Corp hunters were hunting her.

She has since been accosted by another group of Reno’s agents but she has left clues behind.

These agents had to deal with some Psi-Corp Hunters, which the party will have to deal with also.

Samantha’s ‘home’

Samantha lived in one of the darker and grungier regions of the brown sector.  It was a good place to hide.  Few people would go there.  It is among the waster transfer pipes in brown sector.

She is no longer there and her “neighbors” are hard to talk to but with a good bribe, they will reveal what happened to Samantha.

Other agents (competing team but the neighbors won’t know that) found her in her ‘home” and attempted to take her.  Meanwhile, “others with gloves” attacked them and a battle ensued.

Clues left behind: On the walls of one of the tanks she slept nearby.  In her sleep, she scratched things in the grime and old paint.

  • Most of it is actually written in Shadow writing,
  • there is references to a world – Koulani, in the Koulan system.
  • It gives a code, when deciphered references longitude and latitude.
  • Code – Uses an ancient Narn dialect, related to something religious.

Session V (2-14-2009)


Present: Chris F. (Corrin), John R. (Joe Means), Jim H.(Za’Roth), Rob O. (Charles F.), Andy R. (Memanar), Bill Ba (D’Khan), Bill Bo (Sha’lan)

Idea: Those players that are not present at taken by thugs hired by one of the other team searching for the Eye (the Drazi team).  They are taken to a remote raider base. Those that were at Session IV and at Session V, they will escape capture and return to get the others.

Group 1: Sha’lan, D’Kahn, Za’Roth, C. Flanagan, Memanar

Group 2: J. Means, Corrin

Group 1 was captured by the Drazi merc group.  The Drazi did not have enough information to try and find the Eye.  The other group -2 Humans and 2 Centauri Telepaths – captured the rogue telepath.  The Drazi group did what they only new to do – capture the other group and see what they know.

The Drazi group took Group 1 to a “shadowport” – a black market outlaw station – called Quolok Station (a common rock worm on Narn).  Group 1 escaped just as Group 2 arrived at the station to save them.

This all turned out to be a set up by the 2human/2 Centauri Mercs.  They were setting up a nuke to blow the station just as Group 2 stumbled across it.  Group 1 and Group 2 joined together to stop the nuke.  The 2 humans and 2 Centauri all died in the ancounter.  Half the Drazi group also were terminated in the escape.

Session VI (2-28-2009)

Present: Chris F. (Corrin), John R. (Joe Means), Jim H.(Za’Roth), Andy R. (Memanar), Bill Bo (Sha’lan)

Part of the group is not going to be there.  Will have to be NPCs because they can not be left behind.  First opportunity, stick them in a busy-work position.

Starting out on Quolok Station.

They have eliminated their competition

They have the rogue telepath with them (rogue telepathic experiment)

Idea: An experiment on creating a telepathic vampire (a la the Wraith)

They want to use the nuke to develop a relation on the station. 

N’Grath type character?

The Human/Centauri ship – they are thinking of stealing it.

The remaining Drazi mercs need to be dealt with (possible second ship).

Quolok Station

Shadowport hidden in a asteroid field.  The station is built into an asteroid. It is a 200 year old Centauri trade and mining station abandoned decades ago and taken over by the criminal element.  It is an aging station with a lot of problems.  The engineers in charge of keeping it operation are constantly jury-rigging systems to keep it going.  Idea: This station is funded in part by House Jaddo – through a gang of raiders. The station is controlled by a coalition of three factions.

  • The Nighthawks – a raider gang that brings in supplies and uses the station as a fueling point. They have a mixture of races
  • Bregarri Syndicate – A Centauri crime family banished from Centauri Prime. The have ties to several houses, primarily House Jaddo.
  • The Garnac – A mysterious faction of an unknown race. They are rarely scene on the station in public, and keep to themselves in Section 19.  When seen, they wear large robes covering their features.  They are very tall and gaunt with long fingers.  Some say they are a cult of a lost race, others say they are escaped criminals trying to hide their identity.

Each have an interest in keeping station operational and work together in the common interest.  The ruling council is called the Forum.

The Forum appointed a commander to the station, one that was independent from all three but had an interest as well.  K’drack, (N’Grath’s race), walks around with a breather runs things.

Adventure: Getting off – all three factions want the nuke for their own reasons.  The will do anything to get it, and prevent the others from having it.

IDEA: Kiron Jaddo is asked to escort a package to Quolok Station for his house.  The package is a captured Narn (who happens to be a Thenta Makur but he does not know that) .  He is to be handed over to the Centauri crime family, the Bregarri.

Somehow, D’Khan or Za’Roth will get word of this and peak their interest.  Perhaps lead them to break him free of Centauri capture.

Session VII (3-14-2009)

Modified Eye of the Shadow mini-campaign (cont’)

Enroute to Koulani – Encounter in hyperspace

They encountered a shape in hyperspace – Something resembling a smooth rock (Wraith ship).  It vanished in hyperspace – as if it went into hyperspace while IN hyperspace.  (Dimnsional ship or cloaking within hyperspace)

Getting to Koulani

  • Fairly easy, most know the route.
  • Getting past the Koulani joint security fleet at the jump point.

Arrival at Koulani

Normal traffic check points.  They entered orbit and tried to find where they needed to go.  Using the Stevenson (rogue telepath), they found the location to be a point in a valley that is currently caught up in a war between two Koulan tribal factions.  The ruins are in the middle of that war. Joe Means is left on the Minbari Flyer while the others take the Morgan to the surface. On the surface, they are caught up in jungle warfare of lizard-like Koulani – Encounters with wreckage, patrols and strafing aircraft.

Modified Eye of the Shadow mini-campaign (cont’)

koulaniKoulani (Koulan Systrem) – GG p87

Modified History of the Koulani – Sleestak-like history

The Koulani were once an advanced serpentine race, somewhat different from what they are now.   Their original Koulani  (referenced as Koulani Alpha) were a race nearly wiped out in one of the early Shadow Wars.  They were a race influenced by the early Wraith.  The Wraith were even worshiped by some.

Once the Koulani Alpha were destroyed and their race degenerated back by the Shadows, the Shadows used it as a base of operations in their efforts to hunt and destroy the Wraith.  The first had to figure out how to prevent the side-effect of encountering the Wraith – the telepathic “infection”.  This lead to the creation of what is now called The Eye.

The Wraith discovered what the Shadows were doing and secretly attacked the Shadow base, destroyed most of it.  The primitive Koulani ‘Beta’ saw this as a holy place and built a temple over the site.  They found in the remains the two Eyes and placed them in the temple.  Since the, they have been stolen.

Question:  What’s there, then?

Beneath the temple is (1) the remains of the Shadow base and (2) a Koulani Alpha temple to the Wraith.  The Koulani Alpha have hidden secrets deep in the planet that not even the modern Koulani know about – secrets of the Wraith.


Session VII (3-28-2009)

Modified Eye of the Shadow mini-campaign (cont’)

The Ruins

What is on Koulani?  Why was the Stevenson obsessed with it?

There are three levels to the ruins

  • Level 1 – Koulani Beta temple.  Very Primitive.  Contains an idol whose eyes are missing.  Hieroglyphs – dark shapes resembling Shadow ships; pictures of the attack on the Shadow base (light or lightening falling from the sky and flames); drawings of an someone bringing the Eyes out of the crater;
  • Level 2 – Shadow base – a  research center for their “Wraith Hunters.”  Not much is left of this, except a few remnant signs of Shadow technology.  There is one area where the ‘Eyes” were developed, where Shadow ships were docked and “cleansed.”
    • Idea: Possible remains of a Wraith prisoner or a living Wraith?
  • Leve 3 – Koulani Alpha ruins of their temple to the Wraith.


  • Complication – Followed!  The Psi Hunters  have followed the agents and will attack once the groups try to leave the runs
  • ENIGMA:  Something about the ruins repels telepaths.
  • Centauri party lead by (Chris Jarrett’s character)

Session VIII (4-11-2009)

The Ruins

  • Encounter – The Vree Ghost Hunters
  • Encounter – Kiron’s Centauri team
  • First taste of the Wraith
  • Lots of information revealed about the Wraith.

Session IX (4-25-2009)

Returning to B5 or Quolok? Or going onward to Nu’Shok?  Getting back to B5, they will spend some time as their regular work.

Idea: Prelude to Infection  In a little more than a month, Infection episode occurs.  Perhaps have something as a prelude to this – help with some of the cargo.  Perhaps another infection happened they did not know about. Idea: In a few days, Soul Hunter.   Perhaps the group encounters why the Soul Hunter ship is so damaged.

March 1st, 2258 – B5 Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Soul Hunter’

Session IX (6-6-2009)

March 3rd , 2258

Returning to B5 for medical attention. New Faction: Vendura Kado-Shenaro Union – a group of Centauri slave sub-races have joined together to free the slaves of the Republic.  They see the Eye as an opportunity to seize power. They are allied or connected with the Narn in some way.

Continuing with the Search for the Eye.

House Durnado Agent seeking the Eye.  Thenta Makur sent to kill him. (G’Khan/Joe Means) – “Some minds are like books.  Your mind has a map.  Your book is missing pages”

Two characters have a “map” to Nu’shok” or so they think.  They in fact have a several of points in 3D space representing stars.  No navigator would recognize them individually but together, they make a complete 3D map of a series of stars.

The two individuals will go crazy with all this data in their mind.  They will continuously write mathematical equations on the wall (in their own language).  These equations will form a 3D space of points.

Both spaces need to be merged.  Once they are, they need to be brought to an expert astro-navigator who knows his stars.  Once they know where it is, they have to find a gate that can take them there.

Possible location for that information: Quolok Station OR Freedom Station

Session X (6-6-2009)

March 8th, 2258

Returning to Quolok station to obtain the other portion of the Map.  Kiron has that portion “in his head.”  House Durnado are also sending agents to Quolok Station.

March 23rd, 2258

B5 Season 1 Episode 3 ‘Born to the Purple’

  • Adira Tyree, the dancer/slave that Molari has a thing for.
  • Trkis, the Golian slave trader
  • The Purple Files – Molari’s secret information about other Centauri houses.

April 6th, 2258

B5 Season 1 Episode 4 ‘Infection’

April 7th, 2258 (??)

Module Two (Note: Universe Today date wrong)

 April 13th, 2258

B5 Season 1 Episode 5 ‘Parliament of Dreams’ – Thenta Makur plot

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