NPC: Girrillian Vorask, Mercenary Kingpin

NPC: Girrillian Vorask, Mercenary Kingpin

One of my most remembered bad guys, he developed out of a single adventure and grew into someone my players talked about for years.  The funny thing is that I never stat’ed him out.  I never really found the need.  I pictured him a cross between Jabba the Hutt and Marvel’s Kingpin.

NPC/Campaign Antagonist

Race: oversized Yazirian (at least in appearance)

Known throughout the known worlds as a ruthless businessman who always follows up on his deals (at least the ones that pay the most).  He is said to have connections with the Vrusk and Yazirian crime syndicates.  He commonly hires freelance mercs to do his jobs.  He only hires those that understand not to double-cross or fail him and those that do tend to disappear.

They call him Girrillian the Great.

He is commonly accompanied by 3 other individuals (his bodyguards)

  • Stack’teel – a powerful and mysterious [Wen’Tri] mentalist rumored to have reached unknown levels of mental power. {In truth a Star Law Psi-Corp Agent}
  • Borod Zarakor  – brother to Crost, they both make up the psychopathic Zarakor  brothers (both Yazirian). Borod is clean-cut and well-dressed.
  • Crost Zarakor – brother to Borod, they both make up the psychopathic Zarakor  brothers (both Yazirian).   Crost is a cyber’ed up thug with very little people-skills.