Gorak Khzam

Gorak Khzam

Rodian Security Officer, played by Neil S.


This Rodian has been placed in charge of shipboard security. He claims to have some knowledge of the systems within Moff Same’s Kathol sector from years as a free-trader in this area. His experience gives him some insights into the various settlements and cultures in the sector, and might offer some contacts which may be able to help the FarStar.

After the Mission was over

Remained in the Kathol Sector to “pick up the pieces” of the Kathol Underground”, and start a new era of free business in the Kathol Sector. He and Slave, along with Uta, have great adventures as Kathol’s secrets continue to emerge.

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  1. Gorak Khzam’s View of the Noble Houses

    The Houses have been around long before the Empire was here. The Noble House Aristocracy is powerful infrastructure that you have had to work through. Before the Empire, the Houses frowned upon Slavery, but with the Empire’s arrival, it has become a little more lucrative.  The Houses still do not out-right deal in slavery, and some don’t even deal covertly with slavers. But there are a few that will, and you have dealt with them in secret and in back alleys. Your primary contacts are on Tanquilla Beach, Pembric II and beyond.

    There are apparently 5 major houses, plus a innumerable amount of minor houses.  All the major houses are human, and a few of the minor houses are alien.

    House Ik’Tal

    Closed to Slavery.  House Ik’Tal is a traditionalist type house, very idealistic, and valued-centric.  They have never “had a need for” your services, but you have angles into the House just in case they do find a need.

    House Karadol

    This is an older house, but it has spent most of it’s time as a minor house.  It was only recently granted Major House status, due in part because they got along with the Imperials so well.  This house deals in slavery the most, and the most secretly.  The majority of their slaves are used in their secret projects they perform for the Empire.  You have helped them out in those endeavors in the past.

    House Shador

    Closed to Slavery.  House Shador before the Empire, was the hardest House to deal with, because they are fanatically anti-slavery.  They saw themselves as self-appointed enforcers against slavery for the aristocracy. Sarne has been stripping the House of all it power since it incited a revolt on Charis, and now it’s called the Shattered House because it is so fractionalized.  You, in fact, have traded a few human-slaves from the House Shador to some alien clients of the Imperials.

    House Brakia

    This is a very interesting House, to say the least.  They are extravagant to the point of gaudiness, but also the best melee weapon experts and makers in the sector.  They have a particular taste in covert melee weapons.  Their slavery deals are less covert, but still they don’t like to use the word “slave”  They prefer to use “candidate” or “gladiator”.  They use them in their games, pit fights, and gladiatorial competitions, and only deal with the best stock.

    House Kathor

    House Kathor always made you frown when you knew you were dealing with them. You trust this house the least because their deals are always so difficult and shrouded in spin and double-talk.  They were tough negotiators.  They are the best businessmen you have ever dealt with.  You always read their contracts in detail, and everything they do is in a form of a contract.  If they can gouge you for a few extra credits, they will.  Their slave deals were also secret, and sometimes handled by House Karadol or an allied minor house.

    Trade Guilds

    Closed to Slavery.  Also extremely anti-slavery, you rarely deal with the Guilds, and have no one you can call a contact.

    Church of the Kathol Prophets

    The Church depends on the other Houses for its needs, as well as the Trade Guilds.  There is  always an obvious tension between the Trade Guilds and the Church.  You don’t know what to make of them.  They seem benevolent, but some of their teachings are a little eschew at best, a little dark at worst. The Church always seems to have a hidden agenda, and that little piece of information would be worth a planetary ransom.  The Church very secretly deals in slavery, and pays you a lot of money to keep it quiet about it.  They had an uncanny way about them, and you suspect that some are part of some secret Jedi society.  You make it point not to talk about the Church deals, because they do have the force to back up any threat… The Inquisition.

    Gorak’s Noble House Contacts

    Most of your house contacts reside on Pembric II, but the worlds they are commonly found are list in italics below.

    House Ik’Tal

    Baroness Kara Tanatus (Gandle Ott)

    An exotic woman with exotic tastes.  She occasionally turns to you for her needs, and they usually include a unwilling strong young human male.

    House Karadol

    Lord Hadix Gormrus (Pembric II)

    Lord Gormrus is your primary contact for any House slavery needs for the Marcol Rim Region.  He is a ruthless and conniving man.  He runs the major slave camps in the Marcol Rim, and is enlisted as a Imperial General.  He is also a Sarne loyalist.  His family has benefited greatly from Sarne.

    Baron Hadrus Ingreshard (Peirs)

    The Baron is your primary contact for any slavery needs in the Northern Rim Region.  He accepts the Imperial presence, although he feels they are crossing in his turf. He is a proud slave runner, an expert in his trade. He resents the influx of some of the aliens the Empire forces into slavery because they have proven to be low-quality slaves.

    House Brakia

    Lord Gadius Mordis (Tanquilla Beach)

    Mordis is the Underground master for House Brakia.  House Brakia always saw it as important to keep a handle on the underground, especially when the Empire took over, and have developed an extensive information network in the Kathol Sector, centering at Tanquilla Beach.  Many house decisions are based on the intelligence brought in from Tanquilla.  He has relied on you on occasion for some of that information, for a good price.

    Sir Fondor Hues (Pembric II)

    Hues is the “conscript” contact for Brakia’s gladiators, and a trainer as will.  He runs the pit fights on Pembric II, and occasionally visits Tanquilla Beach with his best fighters to fight any paying customer.  He is a hard, rough-n-tumble type character, who is a master swordsman, and martial artist.  It is rumored that he was once a Jedi, but now suppresses his abilities.  If he was one, it would have been on the dark side, because he is a viscous trainer and fighter.

    House Kathor

    Baron G’bayus  Losidro (Mairne)

    Losidro is a broker for the house, trying to find new assets for the House to invest into.  He has invested some credits into your former employer.  Of course, all the investments are kept secret. He is a salesman-type, and talks out of the side of their mouths a lot.

    Duke Kash Jomwell (Pembric II)

    Kash deals in bodies for house Kathor.  He looks for the lost and down-trodden and forms life long-contracts for these people to work for KathorCo, the House corporation.  He relies on you to find those types that won’t sell on the normal slave market, mostly human, but will work for the meager wage the House gives them.

    Church of the Kathol Prophets

    Brother Gudiss Groos (Pembric II)

    A notorious Inquisitor, he asks you for the “bottom of the barrel” type slaves, the ones that can’t sell.  You have supplied him with many, and never saw them again.

    Brother Ungro Jesador (Galtea)

    Brother Jessador is a man you have suspicions about, but he has proven useful in the past.  He has never asked you for anything in return, but he has supplied you with housing and food when you needed it, and were in his area.  He talks at length about the church and his disagreements with the Prophets, and at times says that he would like to “save” you one day from the life you lead.  He has a calming demeanor about him, and you have used him for a confessional at some occasions. Of course, in the back of your mind, he will be one of your victims when you see it fit to do so.

    Gorak and Tanquilla Beach

    Gorak’s Contacts on Tanquilla Beach

    Isokov Rombric -Kerestian Independent Slaver

    Organization: Independent

    This slaver is tough, and very independent.  Your organization  have been trying hard to get him to join or put him out of business, but he seems to out-fox you every time.  He shows you respect as a fellow slaver, but one move into his territory can cost you your life.

    Abros Civ’Rel -Houk Slaver

    Organization: Sabiador Slavers

    Abros was assigned by your leader to be the head of operations on Tanquilla Beach.  He is untrustworthy and clumsy, as far as your concerned.  He has been rumored to be skimming credits from the treasury here, and sometimes working on the side independently.

    Mandras J’Kamor – Chevin Pit Figher-House Leader

    Organization: Bombaasa Cartel

    A big lumbering Chevin, Mandras runs a Pit-fighting House on Tanquilla.  He trains and books fighters supplied by you and others.  He is also very religious, following a faith he brought from his homeworld.  All his fighters are also into this religion, and  have proven to be rather successful.

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