Gorak’s Personal Log: Log Entry 2

Gorak’s Personal Log: Log Entry 2


Personal Log:

<Gorak Khzam: First Officer of The New Republic Farstar>

Things are starting to get a lot more complicated. The Worm has decided to up the stakes. Looks like he wants Darkstryder and he’s counting on me to provide it to him…or else. Well, I’ve spent all my life without bowing down to that disgusting blob, and I’m not about to start now. He thinks he can control me…coerce me…into giving him what he wants just by threatening Sabiador. That’s a joke. Half the organization doesn’t even follow me anymore.

My ‘business’ partner has been busy of late…cutting me out of the picture. Maybe Chuborro doesn’t think I know that yet? Maybe he thinks my partner can root out the rest of us for him? Small chance of that ever happening. I never trusted anyone with all the information about Sabiador. I still have contacts he doesn’t know about. I still have ways of keeping up on things. Calling in favors. In fact, my new position here on the Farstar should enable me to call in a few favors to teach both of them a lesson in humility. They are called the Night Terrors. I’m not sure how much of that name is bragging and how much is a fact. But as long as I have the ear of the Captain, why don’t we find out?

Adrimetrum was all ears when I told her that the Worm wanted his hands on Darkstryder. Add to that the fact that he has taken out a bounty on the Farstar and threatens all of our lives while we’re in the Outback, and it didn’t take her long to see the wisdom in bringing down Chuborro’s organization. After all, Sarne is in hiding… we have no clues to follow. Maybe by concentrating on Chuborro we can find a connection to the Imperial renegade? Flush him out, maybe? If not…well…at least we will have given the Worm a bellyache the size of a Rancor. And, in my book, that would be a good thing.

So the Night Terrors are on their way. Good riddance, I say. Their presence on board the Farstar was starting to irritate me. Up until now, I didn’t see much of a use for them. Bodyguards for the Captain? Hardly. That used to be my job as Security Officer, and Scoryn’s not a bad one to follow in my footsteps. Maybe they were the Captain’s winning sabbacc hand in case anyone got out of line and developed delusions of grandeur and decided to take the ship? I laugh at that notion. If I really wanted the Farstar, I could have taken it by now. With ease. Two times now I’ve been the acting-Captain while Adrimetrum stayed in bed. The crew can already see that I’ve taken them through tougher situations than her. If we ever decided to mutiny, I don’t think I’d have any trouble claiming the leadership role. But, just in case, it’s nice to send the Terrors off to chase down the Worm. They are out of the way for the moment and I can breathe a little more easily while they’re gone. In the meantime, Chuborro and my former ‘business’ partner can learn what it’s like to cross Gorak Khzam…and the New Republic’s Night Terrors as well.

<End Personal Log>

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