Gorak’s Personal Log: Log Entry 5

Gorak’s Personal Log: Log Entry 5


Personal Log:

<Gorak Khzam, Tactical Bridge Officer of the New Republic FarStar>

All has been revealed. The crew knows who I am now…what I have done…my previous connections to Sarne. They know and yet they forgive. Trusting New Republic fools! So willing to believe in the good of everyone! Adrimetrum gave me a simple demotion. And even that seems temporary. No longer First Officer, I have switched roles with Thyte…now I control the armament and defenses of the FarStar. Perhaps the Captain has finally recognized my skills in our previous battles? With Sarne’s fleet just on the other side of the Rift, it’s about time someone took the helm of this operation that can handle the pressure.

And speaking of pressure, I’m sure that’s what must have triggered Gunthar’s memory of me. The Rift has been doing strange things to all of us…especially that brute. It was his words that revealed my past. But it was mine that convinced the Captain to ignore him. Of course, only she could be weak enough to allow him to return to his homeworld, report my transgressions against his people, and thereby summon me before them all for judgement upon my crimes. Who are they to judge, I ask? Crimes? What crimes? If they are weak enough to allow themselves to be caught by Sabiador, they deserve the life that they are sold into. Slow-moving banthas! Easily caught! They make better slaves than whatever their pitiful existence on this planet brings them.

I had to turn their eyes away from me. So I told them of Jessa Dajus. With my secret known, there was no reason to keep her’s any longer. The whore…sharing a bed with Sarne, himself. Ah, how that opened the Captain’s eyes. And to know that Dajus is a Colonel, too…I bet that struck a blow to Adrimetrum’s pride. But even those words couldn’t take the spotlight from me. Gunthar’s queen still held me responsible for selling members of her hive into slavery.

Ah, yes, slavery. Sold as a slave. That’s what my organization did to Gunthar. Much as I did to his friend Qesya…after I had her voice-box surgically removed. The problem is, the bitch managed to survive and escaped her masters once again. And somehow Qesya found her way into the Rift and to this same world of Gunthar’s people. She demanded justice against me. A gladiatorial combat to the death. As I said before, only the strong should survive…so I accepted. And I paid for that mistake. She was stronger than I had remembered…and I nearly died. But she was weak again…burdened with a child…she could not finish the fight. She gave birth and died during her labor. And Gunthar, he stayed behind on the planet to raise the child, forsaking the mission to destroy Sarne. All the better for Gorak, I say. The strong continue and the weak get what they deserve. The queen allowed the combat to stand unchallenged…and I was carried away by Kl’aal…still free…still laughing at them all and their notions of justice.

As for me, I will continue to live. I will continue to be strong. And I will continue to prey on the weak…and challenge Sarne, the New Republic, Gunthar’s queen, and anyone else that thinks they can rule this sector! The Captain and the others think that I will answer for my crimes once this mission is over. I believe it may be time for me to consider the alternatives to serving with this crew of misfits any longer. Perhaps Loh’khar’s suggestion has some merit. The Twi’lek is a crafty one. I could do worse in my choice of partners…but the timing must be right. For now I’ll continue with this charade, but at least I won’t have to suffer the angry looks of that walking carpet, Lofryn, anymore. The Wookiee was just as weak as Gunthar and Qesya. He doesn’t want to serve on a ship with a slaver. Why is it that the bigger and more muscle-bound an alien is, the smaller its brain becomes? Weak-minded fools! This is where the action is…this is where the fate of Kathol will be decided. And I, for one, plan to be present for the finale…

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