Grail, Eastern Hemisphere Sub Continental Region

Grail, Eastern Hemisphere Sub Continental Region

The.Isle.of.Dread.continential.map1North & South Parzifal – A region now divided by two rival but peaceful Keddah factions – one supports the Decados partnership (South) and the other does not.

Wasteland Hills – A set of ruins of an old Etyri civilization destroyed by the Zhuil’hishtu.

Karthan Freehold – refugees from a long forgotten world, fleeing from a long forgotten war.  They were given sanctuary by Keddah in hopes of incorporating them into the fief.  When they attempting to incorporate the Karthans, they resisted and demanded independence.  The house collapse of the Keddah at the hands of the Chariotteer Killroys befell them before they could do anything about it.  Karthans remain an independent people from the feudal lords of the Known Worlds but remain a strong ally when needed to the Keddah.

Eastern Holy Protectorate – One of the regions that fall under the Amalthean purview, it is the primary southern port for the region.  It is considered neutral ground to all factions.  The Leagues control the commerce and pilgrims commonly flock to the city for various celebrations and religious ceremonies in the region.

  • Protos Adrian Monastery – Location of where Amalthea departed to go to Diyarbakir.

House Pellinore – Minor house holding, House Pellinore is a protectorate of House Keddah.  Formerly a medical corporation, experimenting in genetic engineering, they are secretly a close ally with Decados.  It is not well known that they genetically manipulate and modify native Grail creatures like the bandithen and the annome for Decados use.

Islands of Myre – Shadi Keddah has been called many things.  Pirate.  Scoundrel. Con man. He may be all these things and more, but he is also a power to be reckoned with in the islands of the southern seas.  He owns a considerable fleet of ships that both legal and illegal and deals in all kinds of trade across the oceans of Grail.

Islands of Alheib – Nasir Keddah is a recluse and quiet man, but even people like Shadi stay clear of him.  There is a much mystery that surrounds the Keddah noble.  It is well known that his ancestors were involved in heretical practices that drew the attention of the Avestites at one time.  Nasir’s great uncle who he was named after was one of those many burned in punishment by the Church.  Rumors say he is a penitent monk, taking a vow of silence in payment for his family’s crimes while other believes he has fallen into his family’s old ways.  Meanwhile, his estate is run by his staff, lead of which is his nephew Allendro.

Realm of the Athrian Nomads – The Athirosh desert is well known as a place of mystery and legend.  The Etyri purposely fly around it, to avoid whatever curse might befall them.  No one knows really where the Nomads came from, but not long after the Emperor Wars, a city arose out of the sands and the border guarded by fierce hooded warriors.

Corbenic Keddah Province – Corbenic is a business man and trades man of one of the more profitable port provinces in the region.

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