Sessions 26 – 27: Grail. The Plague of Grail

Sessions 26 – 27: Grail. The Plague of Grail

Dates: 7/7/2007 to 7/21/2007

Where: Planet Grail

En route to the nightroad that leads to Rimpoche, the group discovers a plague devastating Grail. Grail is also one of the latest planets to acquire a crystalline satellite. Jacob has to make a hard choice.

Following the cure, the group is honored for their role. Unfortunately, word had already been sent out to Masseri that Grail needed help with a plague. Things got unpleasant when the Decados fleet showed up.

The meet a group of smugglers called the Night Rats who help them get off world while a battle ensues. They dock at an orbital station called Silo Alpha 19


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