Green Mile commentary

Green Mile commentary

The Green Mile got me thinking. Stephen King did it again in this movie and it’s one thing that annoys me about him and several other authors/screen writers. But I think it’s because I am a gamer and the supernatural in games are easily pidgeon-holed into certain schools or powers.

In The Green Mile, there did not seem to be any consistency in the powers of the big guy. Was he a healer, an empath, a mind-controller. At one point, he was a healer, but then he displayed some telepathic and empathic ability (ability to read people’s souls, thoughts, hearts or feelings). Then he suddenly can transfer that “swarming stuff” he coughed up into one person and get him to do something he would not normally do (mind control, suggestion). This is followed by an ability to transmit someone elses thoughts (that he retrieved from touching him) to someone else by touching (telepathic).

There is no consistency in that, except to just say… it’s magic. The average joe, middle of the bell curve would probably be happy just marking it up to that. But me as a gamer and a fan of the supernatural, I have to ask – why would a healer have the ability to force a guy to shoot someone? Or read their minds and know their dirty deeds?

I’d rather see some kind of consistency in the John Coffy’s ability. It’s more like Mr. King contrived whatever powers he needed to move the story along. And the average mind-numbed joe says “oh, it’s magic” without another thought.

Maybe that’s why I don’t like Stephen King.


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