Grenades & Missiles

Grenades & Missiles


Grenade TypeMax Damage / EffectsROFEffective DefenseBlast RadiusCost (Cr)
FlashTemporary Blindness1Special310
Foam, Acid16 / Turn1Basegel345
Foam, Chemical defoliantDefoliates1340
Foam, DyeMarking1310
Foam, ExtinguishSmother Flame1310
Foam, Irritant8/Turn1Special325
Foam, SlickSlick Surface1slow movement320
Foam, SolidEntrapment13100
Foam, Radiation BlastBlocks radiation1special330
Gas, Dozesleep1Sta check310
Gas, DuskDim Light1IR Vision/ Scanners320
Gas, Night FallDarkness1325
Gas, PoisonS5/T101Sta Check330
Gas, Smoke-1 CS1IR310
Incendiary32 + 8 x 3 turns1Asbestos320
InfraredIR sensor damage1320
Sonic, Polyhedron561Sonic325
Sonic, Boomer801175
Sonic, Marble16358


Missile TypeMax DamageEffective DefenseRate of FireRangeMass (kg)Cost (Cr)
Micro Missiles52inertia10-10/11-100/101-500/501-1km/l00lm-2km125
Missile Type I1 warheadvariesvaries–/20-250/251-lkm/l00lm-3km/3001-9km230
Missile Type II2 warheadsvaries1/2–/40-500/501-2km/200lm-6km/6km-1km450
Missile Type III3 warheadsvaries1/3–/60-750/751-3km/300lm-9km/9001-27km575
Missiliervariesvaries1-3depends on the missile type102000
MLTCsvariesvaries121200 /tube


Warhead TypeRangeMax DamageEffective DefenseMass (kg)Cost (cr)
AntiMssileNoneNone2xMssile #50x Missile #
Electromagnetic Discharge5xMssile RangeElectronic ShortInsulation3x Missile #55x Missile #
Field CrusherTarget66x Missile2xMissile #35 x Missile
Foam6xMissile Rangevariesvaries2xMissile#30x Missile
Gas8xMissile RangeVariesVaries2xMssile #30 x Missile
Heat SeekingNoneNone1 x Missile #50x Missile #
High Explosive7x Missile Range75xMissile#Inertia1 x Missile #40x Missile #
Sonic6 x Missile RangeStunSonic/ STA Check2xMissile #35x Missile #
Standard Explosive5 x Missile Range68 x MissileInertia1 x Missile #35 x Missile #
Tangle5xMissile RangeEntrapmentSolvaway2x Missile #30 x Missile #

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