Tech: GS Weapons

Tech: GS Weapons


Gyrodyne Systems (GS)

Gyrodyne Systems 30 TriMount Gauntlet

GS 30 “The Gauntlet”

Main Weapon system on the Gyrodyne Warrior Class “Greyslayer One” Powered Assault Armor. Tri Mounted Variable Weapon Settings with full recoil Compensation/Absorption systems:

8mm Flechette
Max Damage: 35/11 (for each hit location)
Effective Max Range: 400 meters
Ammo: 200 rounds
ROF: 20 rnd Busrt (1d6 hit locations)

10 mm AP-HE
Max Damage: 104/27
Effective Max Range: 600 meters
Ammo: 100 rounds
ROF: 10 rnd Burst
Armor Piercing Effects: See Armor Piercing Rules

12mm HE
Max Damage: 168
Effective Max Range: 500 Meters
Ammo: 50 rounds
ROF: 5 Round Burst
Blast radius: 2 meters (Fragmentation: 1/2 damage with in a meter of explosion; 1/4 damage if within 2 meters.)

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