Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

System: Call of Cthulhu/ 1923

Setting: 1920s

Started: 10/1995


SETTING: Players do not know each other but have a mutual friend – Father Philip McBride. They all receive a letter requesting their presence in Montreal.

Dear Friend

Much time has passed since last we met. I have been able to follow a little of your career from afar, discreetly I assure you. My own career has no doubt been invisible to you. I have become a priest in the Catholic Church! Yes, I am Now Father Philip! I know this may come as a surprise To you, and I acknowledge my multitude of sins, But we are all such sinners that my teachers and confessors Alike find my faith and honesty more interesting than my Sins! I am washed in forgiveness. Each day is precious to me. I write to you now because I need your particular Research skills, and am inviting you to Montreal. I dare to Hope that you are free, and will not mind a week’s sojourn in This beautiful city. I have arranged that you stay in our New parish house, in the new parish of St. Cutis, and enclosed your ticket by train. The matter about which I write is confidential, so I May not indicate it here. The prize in view is of great value to the Church and to Christianity as a whole. Need I add that the success of the venture might bring the participants Worldwide fame?

Your friend, Philip

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