Herr Ragnar (GM Notes)

Herr Ragnar (GM Notes)

Important things of note

  1. Adopted.  Who was his real parents?
  2. The Unrugagh – Religious and philosophical Orc tribe with a deep seated sense of revenge against the former slave masters, the [High] Elves.  (Orc Warrior Monks).
  3. Xorag Haven – The tribe’s former home in the mountains and now temple to their god Xorag, who saved them from the Cataclysm and freed them from the Elves.
  4. Learned to be a warrior while fighting goblinoids out of Xorag Haven.
  5. The Agronak meet the Unrugagh  – a “lost tribe” of Orcs joined his home tribe and merged.  Ragnar did not trust them and was banished.
  6. Worked for in the criminal underground only to find out his teams were being manipulated by Lhalambra Arms [Durshara’s company].

Plot Potential

Peace vs violence

  • There is an ongoing conflicting theme within his background between his martial nature and the peace and philosophical nature of his tribe.  Perhaps he sees his former tribe as weak.
  • IDEA: The Unrugagh are a race of Orc with a very violent history.  Their elven masters experimented on them to tap a deep seated rage they sensed within them.  Once the Unrugagh were free, they pursued a life of philosophy and spiritualism to tame the fire.
  • Blood of Heroes or the Blood of Chaos

The Agronak

  • ? Lost tribe rejoins the home tribe.  Link this to the Draconum plot line (Dragon-blood Orcs).  
  • ? The Agronak could be agents of Chaos seeking to rebuild the army of the Draconum.

Agronak Sky Castles

  • The core plotline will lead the group to a sky stronghold.  It can be the very one that Ragnar saw and the Agronak claimed was the castle of the gods.

Unrugagh vs. Agronak

The Orc at its base is a barbaric and savage race.  Through time, many clans have either given way to that or found ways to suppress it.  The Unrugagh tapped religion and philosophy to suppress the inner nature of their beings, believing that is what their god would want.  However, the Agronak was sent by Chaos to break that culture down, through their own influences.  Through subtle chaotic magics, they influenced their meditation to bring out the inner Orc in all of them.  This broke down the society and allowed the Agronak and their chaotic master to enslave them.


The Fall of the Sky Castle

Ragnar will discover the bodies of hundreds of his clansmen in the bowels of the Stronghold, with his tribe symbollage on their armor or jewellry.

The Agronak was a “lost clan” of the Orcs of Unrugagh.  They have taken over the clan with their very influential religious philosophy, related to the Sky Castles.  They were sending sacrifices to the castles. {Test subjects for the DragonBlood}.

Members of the Agronak Paladins that watch over the appearance of the Stronghold (they know the route).  After the PCs search the stronghold, they will see a small army of orcs on horseback (beast back) watching them.

They are taken prisoner and taken to a Agronak desert fortress.  They are told that their “Supreme Leader” must pass judgement on them.  Their supreme leader is a High Elf from the lineage that once enslaved Clan Unrugagh orcs as well as others.

Surpreme Leader Bludvinn Shadeward – He hides his true nature under Orc cloaks and armor.  All but his closest allies think he is a Orc or at least a mutated orc.

{This acts as an opportunity to discover the “Dragonblood” plotline.}


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