Highbreed: The Hunters

Highbreed: The Hunters

Of course, this was based on one of the most memorable pieces done Larry E., the cover for Gammer World (can’t remember what edition).  I found it in an old Dragon magazine I had and cut it out (before the internet).  Still have the cut out.  I debated back and forth whether to write in more than one of these guys.  So I leave it as an option.  I stat’ed them out after the fact so I am not sure how well they would hold up against an experienced party.  I stat’ed this out a long time ago.


Sagittar the Hunter with mount, Tigrest

Sagittar and his mount is a genetically engineered warrior combined with cutting edge cybernetics.  They both are considered one of the few successes for STREEL and their allies.


STR/STA: 60/60

DEX/RS: 60/70

PER/LDR: 75/55

INT/LOG: 65/75

IM: 7

Weapons: Blaster Rifle with Targetting Systems (+20 to hit).  20/90/250/410/600.  5d10.  Built in Grenade Rifle (Frag Grenades). Spike Launcher (3d10).

Armor: Helmet with Radar Scanner (Range 20 km), Magnification Visor (+40/+30/+20/+10). Rebreather.  Suit has Rocket pack (50 bursts).  Strength Enhancement (+50).   Protection: 50 penetration/ 300 total.


Large Cybernetic Carnivore (Number: 1)

Move: Fast (100 m/turn)

IM/RS: 7/70

STA: 250

ATT: 85

Damage: 10d10 Bite/Claws

Special Attack:  Mounted Laser Cannons (head) 10d10.  Flame Thrower (throat) 3d10

Special Defence: Armor Plating (30 penetration/250 total points)

Special Abilities:  Great Leap (x4 normal leap).  Infra-red Scanners

OPTION:  One of the story options I used when I ran this was that the Hunters were actually flawed and eventually turned on everyone, including the STREEL strike team.

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