Humans of Savage Star Frontiers

Humans of Savage Star Frontiers

(revised factions from SDF)

Humans of the Frontier of the Zebulon Expanse are a mystery. They do not seem to have a home world but seem to have been found scattered through out the region. It is assumed by many that an ancient alien race brought them here. For much of the Frontier’s history, humans have been treated as second class citizens because of that. Some were even enslaved at one time. Now the human worlds are united under a alliance – the Human Commonality – and work together to gain respect from the other major races.

Humans of the the Frontier have coalesced into six major factions, as well as a dozen or so minor factions, based on a number of factors. For some, the primary has been based on subtle genetic differences. It has been found that whoever seeded the Expanse with humans, also subtle modified the genetics to form new subraces of humans. These humans tended to stick together like tribes. Because of historic oppression and discrimination by other alien powers in the Expanse, the Humans have only just begun to form political powers. Not all humans adhere to these factions but many do.


Formed of several human dominate factions, Cassidinians are well known as being profiteers and merchants of most anything of value. They specialize in advanced technology and ancient alien artifact studies, but have branched out in almost every aspect of the Expanse’s economy.  This genetic stock was traditionally the workers, developers and designers. Their society has evolved into entrepreneurs, explorers, and engineers. They are predisposed to learning more, to making things work better and fixing things that are broke.

Trait Adjustments: +1 Persuasion, -1 Athletics

Bonus Edge (choose 1): Aristocrat, Gadgeteer, Mr. Fix It or McGyver

Bonus Hindrances (choose 1): Curious or Greedy


Lacotians are a honorable warrior breed of humans, with a strict honor code and way of life. They are also one of the physically stronger human subgroups in the Frontier, due to the heavy gravity of Laco. Secretly associated to this faction is the Kraatar Liberation Corps, a underground terrorist organization that contests Vrusk domination of Frontier space and seeks to expose the secret Vrusk agenda. The common genetic traits in this group are honorable warriors or stealthy rogues; great leaders or skillful tacticians.

Trait Adjustments: -1 Persuasion, Fighting starts at d4

Bonus Edges: Heavy G Worlder

Hindrances: Tainted Reputation (Novice, Minor: -1 Persuasion.  Major: -2 Persuasion).  Due to where he is from, the character is socially at an disadvantage.


The planet Kdikit in Madderly’s Star is home to another aggressive and warrior-like subrace of Zebulon Humans – Members of the Madderlian subspecies. Some like to call them Madderly’s Madmen. Formers of MercCo, the mercenary corporation, Madderlians are a more aggressive and intense warrior society than those of the Lacotian strain. Where the warriors of Lacotian are far more honorable and ethical, the warriors of the Contingent might seem barbaric and unconventional.

Trait Adjustments: -1 Persuasion, Fighting starts at d4

Bonus Hindrances (choose 1): Mean or Bloodthirsty

Bonus Edges (choose 1): Brawler or Martial Artist


The philosophical and diplomatic Truani were the primary instigators of the peace accord between humans and the other Expanse races after the Awakening. The Truani have led the crusade of peace and prosperity between the races.  The genetic stock that these humans came from were apparently used for protocol, scholars, and teachers. Psionics is common in this faction as well.

Bonus Hindrances (choose 1): Cautious or Pacifist

Bonus Edges (choose 1): Scholar or Arcane Background (Psionics)


Quiverans are by far the largest human faction in the region. Formers of the Pan Galactic Corporation, one of the first human formed mega-corporations, Pan-Gal is based out off the planet of the same name. However they have extended influence in the Prenglar system as well. This human strain is similar to the Cassidine strain except with a little more aggression, ambition and resilient. Quiverans seem to adapt well to adverse environments. They also have a strong disdain and mistrust of Cassidinians – it is almost like it was built into their genetics.

Hindrances: Standard SW Human

Edges: Standard SW Human

Minor Human Factions


Thessian humans are the strangest of the species. Similar to the Quiverans in many ways genetically, it is theorized that they descended from a cloned slave race. Once their masters fled, they were left with freedom and an over abundance of technology. For a long period of time, they utilized that technology only to nearly wipe themselves out.


Terletian were a sub-species of humans nearly wiped out. They now are nomads of space, travelling in spaceships they pieced together by old junk and lost alien tech.