Hyrss Hrak

Hyrss Hrak

Artathi Ranger/RogueFirst Mate/Gunner (John Reavis)

From FFG L&L Mythic Races

The artathi are a proud race of felinids who hail from a planet of the savannas and jungles. They believe they are the sons and daughters of Ba-en Aset and thus divine among the lesser races of the world. On a personal level, they are constantly seeking ways to prove their own worth; as a race they look for ways to expand their domains.

The artathi race is composed of seven different castes: three upper castes – Il’artathi (resembling lions), Tal’artathi (tigers), and Ahl’artathi (pumas); and four lower castes – Htak’artathi (lynx), Sal’artathi (cheetah), Dal’artathi (leopard), and Vyk’artathi (jaguar). Although members of one caste are capable of mating with those from another, the offspring from such a union are mongrels. Those unlucky enough to be tainted as such from birth are considered to be letathen, casteless ones, and are considered the lowest members of artathi society.

Artathi are essentially humanoid cats. They range from 5 to 6 feet in height (Vyk’artathi) all the way up to seven and a half to eight feet tall (Il’artathi), with a similar variance in weight. The members of the seven castes each resemble one species of big cat; the appearance of mongrels can vary widely but generally seems to favor a generic feature of little note (a tendency which increases with each generation of separation from pure stock).

The Artathi have carved out a small region of space within the Empire and are allies of the Dragons.

Hyrss Hyrak is a Ranger with Rogue tendencies who acts as the First mate of the Lost Legacy. He is a skilled ship’s gunner as well as a scout. Hyrss is a former corporate mercenary for Kelvington-Wade Corporation that left their service after witnessing many atrocities the corporation committed. He is now wanted by K-W, travelling with a bounty on his head.

Hyrss has developed a considerable hatred of the illithid, seeing them as at the heart of his people’s plight. He wishes to save any species from their enslavement. Hyrss’s parents are leaders within their tribe, but he did not see a life in leadership, so he left his brother to inherit the titles.

Corporation Connections: Throughout the campaign, Hyrss had corporate connections that continued to pop up.

Hole in your Mind: I think I pursued a plotline where there was more to Hyrss then even he remembered. The K-W corp experimented on him and made him forget certain missions. I was going to key those into the main plot.

Some one may betray you“: A shaman tells Hyrss that someone will betray him.

Anti-World Builder Elf group: He is recruited by an anti-corporate group to cause disruption within the corporate plans – especially K-W Corp. They wish to stop K-W’s rampant terra-forming. They say something is going on and they want to find out what it is. They are made up of Druidic Elves – some former K_W Employees.

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