Ice Daemon d20

Ice Daemon d20

Creature Conversions

Adventure Enhancements

Character Introduction

  • Players are hired by Einitech to transport a very important cargo to Arizona from New Boswash.
    • Going through San Antonio (now a collapsing city of slums and depravity) up route 10 to Cyrpess Creek.
    • Had to pick something up in San Antonio (the load).
  • They are given an 18-Wheeler and a car as escort.  Supplied with weapons and expense cash.
  • Optional: Prior to the Texas encounter, a “Road Warrior”-style chase/attack, coming in from San Antonio.
  • What are they carrying?:
    • Alien tech
    • Imprisoned demon
    • Gate artifact

Rough Weather in Texas

  • While traveling in Texas, they encounter the adventure.
  • Robotic harvesters dominate the farming fields.
  • They stop off at a motel on the edge of a small town.
  • Their truck will be stolen. (Something has to motivate them more then curiosity)

Plot Additions:

  • The players have to stop in s small town not far from the center of the storm.
  • A small motel is on the outskirts of the town.
  • Encounters are the motel –
    • Sightings – Yeti, Wolves, lights in the west and  . . .
  • Cavern Complex: If the Zombie option is used, the workers are mindless Zombies, former corporate employees of the Agric-Corp

Cypress Creek, Texas – Kerr County (North of San Antonio)

Cypress Creek was a dead town until the Agri-corps grabbed all the land and brought in their huge automated harvesters.  Small towns sprung up on the edges of these Agri-Corp fenced in farmlands, made up of remote corporate employees and contractors, charged with the jobs of maintenance and defense the Harvesters.

Cypress Creek is now made up of 60+ families all employees of the Agri-Corp.  They are either Maintenance workers, security or service workers within the town.

The community is fenced in and some security is present at the entrance ways.  The fence has sensors to alert anytime the fence is breeched, however, not all the sensors work and the security systems are also in disrepair.

In town are residences built by the corporation, a church, townhall, op-center with motor pool for the maintenance workers, armory, and miscellaneous shops.  They receive supplies via tractor trailer on a monthly basis.

The area surrounding the town has fallen to outlaw, to some degree or another.  The nearest town is Fredericksburg, which is a fortified city that caters to outlaw and wanderers alike.  The nearest non-outlaw metroplex is Dallas/Ft. Worth, 6 hours away.

Motel: The players will have to stop outside of town at the abandoned motel.  They may be able to find bed sheets and blankets.


Into the Town: One of the options the players have while hunting down warm clothing is going into town.  While there, they will encounter Ice-worm-infected towns people, the occasional Ice Worm, and other strangeness.

Invasion of the Ice Worms – Not only are the Ice Daemons attempting to change the environment, they are attempting to change the local humans into slaves that can handle the cold.  Ice worms are invading the town. They are like Puppeteers except the work to convert the bodies of the victims to something that can handle the extreme cold of the Ice dimension.

Approach One: Subtle Mind Control – As the party encounters more and more people in the town, they will notice some who are unaffected by the cold, and even have their air conditioners running, windows open.

Optional Encounter: A town drunk or homeless guy who knows about the worms and has been able to avoid them until now.  He cold be hiding in a strange place like a tree house or some thing like it.

Approach Two: Zombies! – The worms are creating Ice Zombies of the towns-people.  The players will find the gates open and a town that appears to be disserted.  There is signs of gun battles, and explosive damage.  No bodies.  There are odd mounds around the town that the players may or may not see.  The buildings are boarded up, and many of the are broken into from the outside.  One building is not broken into – the Ops-center.

Optional: A Pale is controlling or in command with the small zombie army.

Ice Worms: Worms must enter the body when the victim is asleep.

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  1. Do you have the actual d20 modern game statistic for this adventure? I want to do a conversion to White Wolf’s Trinity, but there is no direct DC to Trinity conversion that I can find. Trinity does have a d20 version so having the DC d20 stats will help me do the conversion that I want.

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