Ice Station Schatzgräber

Ice Station Schatzgräber

Located on Alexandra Land, an island in the Franz Josef Land archipelago, it was covertly established in September 1940 (just after the successful invasion of Norway & Denmark) by Hitler and his secret allies after Hitler developed serious paranoia about descent within his own private circle.  It became one of the primary depots of Hitler’s secret projects. By December 1940 Hitler had sent more than 700 “meteorological” orders to the location. These reports contained primarily coded information on project Die Glocke and the secrets it held.

The base itself was unremarkable on the surface but underground was an extensive series of tunnels and bunkers.  Hitler planned to eventually store the centerpiece of the Die GLocke program – the UFO – at this station.  A large underground warehouse was built for it.  Unfortunately, Hitler was assassinated and the UFO was lost on a submarine

Schatzgräber Timeline of events

1940, April – Operation Weserübung – Nazi invasion of Norway lasts 2 months

1940, September – Construction on Ice Station Schatzgräber started.

1940, November – Surface facility completed, underground facility 25% complete

1941, February – Primary underground operation center completed.  Labs and hangar 25% done.

1941, March – Underground Barracks and Primary Labs finished.  Research begins on various aspects of Die Glocke, including what is described as “living metal” and the strange elements Xerum 525.

1941, June – Underground hangar and submarine dock complete, as well as primary lab area.

1941, September – Launch Pad and secondary facilities finished.

1941, November – Die Glocke UFO transported to Schatzgräber secretly by Hilter allies.  As cover of this action, Hitler’s allies allowed the release of some discoveries (which lead to the development of Contr-grav).  The remainders of Die Glocke’s secrets were shipped to Ice Station Schatzgräber.   


1942, May – Hitler assassinated.  Construction on Schatzgräber continues under the orders of Albert Speer until his disappearance.     

1943, June Operation Geistadler.  Ahead of a major SS raid, Several prototype A-4 rocket launched from Schatzgräber as part of Operation Geistadler – a means to hide as much of Hitler’s secret operation as possible.  The Die Glocke itself is loaded up on a submarine and sent to the Arctic.  The submarine was called U-116.  The SS, under the orders of Himmler, raid the Ice Station.

1942, August – U-116 disappears in the North Atlantic, never reaching its destination.

2065, July – SS Special strike team arrives Schatzgräber and awakens the Belastung.