Imperials of Kathol

Imperials of Kathol

Imperials of the Kathol Sector

NameLast StationResponsible ForStatusBounty
General Markod WilemKolatillKolatill Defense Force and Governer  Head of SecurityDead5000
Admiral Abratian OdonelOon TienFleet Forces CommanderLive5000
General Or’Ryn SprawningOon TienGround Forces CommanderLive5000
General Walshar OlmbrienTorizeGround Forces CommanderUnknown5000
Captain Foldor MorassTorizeTorize Station Defense CommanderUnknown3000
Commander Bedral LambrossCharisGarrison CommanderLive6000
Captain Irel BornsonKathol Rim worldsScout CommanderUnknown3000

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