Movie & TV Bias these days!

Movie & TV Bias these days!

I got to thinking this morning about movies/TV shows and how the bias has gotten so bad about liberal bias.  Namely, at least for me, the CW Arrowverse that I so invested myself in.  It’s not that the bias wasn’t there there back in the day.  I started thinking about Robocop this morning, because it was brought up in a youtube as a satyr of consumerism and then the thoughts – Drive to Work thoughts – began to form.

There was biased back in the day, just not quite as in-your-face as it is today.  Robocop is an example that popped in my head.  The anti-consumerism theme through out – which somehow worked with an police action/sci-fi film – point out serious problems in society today.  We still see it today with online shopping, ballooning personal debt, binge-watching everything and the obesity rate in this country.  However, what it did not do was tell you what you should think of it.  It left it up to you to think for yourself.

The general public probably just said “Yep, we eat and buy too much junk” and then moved on.  The lefty Reagan-haters at the time probably said “Yes and government needs to get all that under control!  DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!”  And people like me, on the right side of things, looked at it and said “Yep, we definitely need to take more responsibility of our own lives and probably not consume as much.”

Big difference.  One side sees it as an anti-capitalism message while others see it as a personal message to ones self to do more about it.  And I am sure the director intended the latter more than the former. It’s just how Hollywood rolls.  I am not arguing what is right or wrong, I am just arguing that the nice thing about movies like this is that it did not decide for you what you need to think of this particular subject.

Now-a-days, they tell what you think.  They are not subtle about it.  They just expect that their vision and their values be the norm.  And they make those of us who do not agree feel evil and backwards.  They you are just flyover country and don’t matter.  You are what is wrong with this country.

I resent that fact that some of my favorite DC characters are being hijacked to push this agenda.  Thus my personal ban of the Arrow-verse.  It’s like Hollywood got tied of being subtle, because now one was perceiving their messages the way they were intended and so now they have to scream louder. Shove it in your face and your kid’s face.  Perhaps it is the times.  Trump has fired up the left so much that they are showing their true colors.  I hope it backfires on them.

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