James Flamor

James Flamor

The dreamer

A Star Frontiers Background

The man named Flamor had a confusing childhood. He saw his father every three to four months for about a day or two and he always left with great urgency. He remembers the images of his father in white armor leaving his family home, saluting his son as he left. He was proud of his dad and his armor. He always wanted something like that to make his dad proud.

When his father was home, he’d listen for hours to his stores of being a Federal Knight of the Light Order, fighting in the Alliance Wars against the Dishonored. While is father was away, James and his little brother Dolan would play war in the ample woods near his family farm on Kdikit in the Madderly’s Star system.

One day – James remembers it being the last day he and his brother played pretend war together – they were deep in the woods on a hill looking over their family home. James was falsking his brother who was hunkered down in a brook. I twas then that the engines of a star fighter drew their attention, flying over their land.

At first, they thought it was their father, making some grand entrance in his military issue ship to show off to the boys. But it was no fighter they recognized. At least not Dolan, who was too young to know what a Dishonored fighter would look like. It took a moment for James to realize what it was.

Blasst from the fighter struck the houses dead center, destroying the house and killing their mother inside.

“Nooooooooooo!” both boys screamed.

They watched as the surging cloud of flame settled down into a raging fire. Everything they knew, everything they loved was gone. The words of his father came to James’ mind “Son, when I am gone, you are the man of the house.”

James told Dolan to stay there, in the ditch as he took off running towards the smoldering ruins of the house. Their sister, Shellia, would have been doing chores in the back and might have survived. James had to find out.

He ran around the around the inferno that was their house, dodging smolder ashes as they fell. He found his sister crying in the shattered and smoldering greenhouse, alive but shaken.

The three of them lived in the ruins of their house for months until their father returned. They had buried the remains of the mother, maintained the farm enough to sustain themselves and built a small shelter out of the greenhouse.

When the father finally arrived, he had already learned of the attack on his world. An entire task force had surrounded the planet but this attacked semed targeted considering the locale. Despite his strength and courage, he broke down when he saw his children.

“Children, I am going to be taking you to a safer place – my parent’s house on the Western continent in the big city. They have defense and a garrison there. You will be closer to where I am stationed. I thought taking you way out here would keep you safe. I was wrong.

“James. Take this. ” He handed him a medallion with the Order of Light on the front. On the back was a motto.

Into the Blackest of Black,

Into the Darkest Black Holes,

You will see the white of our Armor

And the Light of our Souls