The Ka’Abrelian Imperial Sector & The Wilds

The Ka’Abrelian Imperial Sector & The Wilds

Getting to the Imperial Ka’Abrel Sector

Between Consortium space and the KI sector is a large expanse known as the Wilds.  This keeps the KI sector isolated from the rest of known space, and Fleet likes it that way.  Fleet has set up a secret monitoring station on the nearest system to make sure the Ka’Abrel stay where they are.

The Wilds is a no man’s land for bolters, fringers and shatrats.  It is filled with viscous and desperate bolter refugees.  Until the Wilds is controlled, the Ka”abrel is not seen as a threat.  Fleets sees it a sa buffer zone between the Consortium and the alien imperials.   (Fleet has secret plans to eventually invade and quell the threat but until the Wilds are controlled, Fleet waits).

Curch Techno Raiders – A pirate group of purely Curch, notorious for stealing all varieties of tech.  They strip ship, weapons and even cyber tech.

Imperial Ka’Abrel Sector

A cluster of eleven systems, separated from the Consortium by the mysteriously dangerous Wilds, the Ka’Abrel could not have picked a better sector to settle. At least one planet in each system was habitable by terran-norm, and just as many others were prime candidates for their planet-forming techniques. As bolters came through the ‘Zone, the Ka’Abrel assigned them a world and forced them to colonize it. Some resisted, and were subsequently neutralized by the Ka’Abrel fleet.

The Ka’Abrelian fleet uses the most loyal members of each of their “slave” races, as well Faskadel officers. A single Ka’Abrel patriarch usually accompanies all fleet task forces on board the flag ship. Each system will have at least a small task force as garrison.

The Sector is located near the ‘Zone. In fact, the capital system, the Iska Mon system, is 6 light years from the edge. The other most notable part of the sector is a nebula in the middle of it called the Shatfrag Nebula by Fleet. It shows strong similarities in activity and nature as the ‘Zone but doesn’t seem to be a part of the ‘Zone. The ShatFrag Nebula is the only one of its kind, emulating the same kind of chaos but on a smaller scale. The only difference is something that Fleet thought impossible; a system exists with the ShatFrag; Shatoom Rys system.

A guide to the sector of space I created for my SZ campaign, the Ka’Abrelian Sector, a dark corner of Space that Fleet has been persuaded to leave alone. The Ka’Abrel systems are the following:

Remastered Ka’Abrellian Empire

Iska Mon (capitol system7 planets, 1 asteroid field)


Climate: Airless, hot, radiated

Terrain: rocky; many mineral deposits

Notes: Ka’Abrel mine this world using a large earthworm-like race called the Ord.


Climate: Engineered atmosphere

Terrain: 2 continents, many small island networks

Notes: Used as a Ka’Abralian breeding world; defended by a large fleet and several orbital defense stations.


Climate: Variant terran-norm to wetter than terran-norm; at times there are extremely violent rain storms and hurricanes.

Terrain: Oceanic world with many large and small islands.

Notes: Imperial capitol world; many submarine cities as well as surface.


Climate: Dry dust ball with thin atmosphere

Terrain: Desolate desert & canyons

Notes: Dome-colony world with many factories & orbital shipyards.


Climate: Gas Giant with nine moons

Terrain: gas giant

Notes: Many mining facilities on most of the moons. One moon being planet engineered to host a new race.


Climate: Gas giant with 11 moons

Terrain: Gas giant

Notes: Most moons mined or being planet-engineered.

Iska Mon belt

Notes: Most asteroids mined.


Climate: Frigid, airless.

Terrain: Rocky, barren ice ball

Notes: The frozen remains of a great alien monument is located here. Ka’Abrel, in fear of the site, leave the planet alone.

Mord Il  (3 planets)


Climate: Airless, hot, radiated

Terrain: rocky; many mineral deposits

Notes: No activity; no minerals of use.


Climate: Engineered atmosphere to suit the race, the Miak

Terrain: High-G world; 3 continents, many small island networks

Notes: Assigned world to the Miak, a race of winged lizards with a strong honor code. They had to adapt to the harsh Hi-G world, but were able to survive.


Climate: Engineered atmosphere; water was brought by capturing ice-asteroids and comets and colliding them with the planet.

Terrain: Oceanic world

Notes: Ka’Abrel breeding and gengineering world for the Faskadel.

Ashkar Del (2 planets, 1 asteroid field)


Climate: Barren, hot terran-norm

Terrain: Desert world, with deep vast canyons, equally vast desert plains

Notes: Assigned home world to the nomadic desert wondering intelligent beasts, the Kyesk.


Climate: Thin atmosphere, barren

Terrain: Lifeless dust ball, vast dust plains, some mountains

Notes: Ka’Abrelian Fleet base and sector defense station. Also large mining facility using Kyesk in EVA suits as labor.

Ashkar Field

Notes: Dense asteroid field, many large planetary fragments. Heavily mined by the Ka’Abrel Imperials.

Eshrad Il (3 planets, 1 asteroid field)


Climate: Hot, airless rock.

Terrain: Rocky surface.

Notes: Large Faskadel research facility and Ka’Abrel Fleet base.


Climate: Warm terran-norm, predominantly variantly tropical

Terrain: 1 continent. Tectonically active, jungles, mountians, swamps.

Notes: Asigned home world to the humanoid nocturnal race, the Iryans. Many manufacturing plants on surface.

Eshrad Field

Notes: Medium density asteroid field. Heavily mined by Ka’Abrel Imperials. Ka’Abrelian Imperial Fleet HQ located in this field.


Climate: Large Gas giant

Terrain: Gas Giant

Notes: Orbits real close to the Eshrad Field. Highly turbulent gas giants; creates gravity wells constantly, capturing asteroids from the Eshrad Field as it passes. Moons are always changing because of this.

Rorad Mil (4 planets, 1 asteroid field)


Climate: Hot , high pressure, thick atmosphere.

Terrain: Hot, near-molten surface, rolling low hills, volcanic atmosphere.

Notes: All attempts to planet-engineer and colonize have met with disaster. The world is to violent and hot.


Climate: Terran-norm variant warm

Terrain: Variant mountainous & jungle predominant.

Notes: Assigned world to the Ferogos, a eace of intelligent psionically talented jelly-fish-like creatures that float in th air.

Rorad Field

Notes: Heavily mined by the Imperials, using the Hakus, alien race that is adapted to near-null gravity and very thing atmosphere; humanoid subteranean race.


Climate: Planet Engineered cool variant terran-norm.

Terrain: Variant terran-norm, engineered; 4 continents.

Notes: Assigned world to the Ghreskil, a large furred polar humanoid race, viscious in nature. Large oceans in crater holes formed by asteroids being pulled by Oraduras, slamming into the planet suface. Many manufacturing plants on surface.


Climate: Huge gas giant

Terrain: Gas Giant, 20 moons.

Notes: Moons are either mined or engineered to be Imperial Fleet out posts.

Imorak Sy (5 planets, 1 asteroid field)


Climate: Hot, airless rock.

Terrain: Rocky, volcanic activity.

Notes: To dangerous to mine.


Climate: Hot, thick & poisonous (to most) atmosphere with high pressure, actively violent climate.

Terrain: Rolling hill, volcanocally active, many powerful geisers.

Notes: Assigned world to the Trilidite alien race, a race of harsh-environment-adapted humanoid creatures. They run the huge mining, thermal energy, and manufacturing plants on the planet for the Imperials.

Imoraki Field

Notes: Large, dense field, being mined in conjunction with the production on Imarok. Mined by the Hakus. The two races act like they hate each other, but in actuality are strongly allied to defeat the Ka’Abrel.


Climate: Cold, thin atmosphere, violent climate.

Terrain: Dust plains, snow plains, some large mountains and craters.

Notes: Imperial Fleet outpost & missile base. A few orbital ship yards.


Climate: Cold, thin atmosphere, dust world.

Terrain: Cold desert plains, some mountain ranges

Notes: Homeworld to the Eebreski, a subterrainian alien beast that makes it difficult to mine or colonize the world. Ka’Abrel are devising ways to tame, and use the Eebreski. Unknown whether they are intelligent.


Climate: Gas giant

Terrain: Gas giant with 6 moons.

Notes: Moons are mined or have military bases.

Sarask Sy (7 planets)








Radorok Shel (5 planets)






Radorok Ter (9 planets)










Morshid Rel (7 planets & 2 asteroid fields)


Climate: Dead rock, no atmosphere, hot.

Terrain: Rocky surface with abundance of crystalline deposits.

Notes: No mining; Environment seemed to have an adverse and sometimes deadly effect on all miners, especially the Fask’Jiit.


Climate: planet-engineered; Warm tropical oceanic world

Terrain: Several thousand chains of islands and one large land mass. Planet seems to largely consist of a blue crystal (hi-grade version of the mineral used in Q-drives.)

Notes: Assiegned home planet to the Sleyeth, a short stout nonhumanoid, amphibious alien race.


Climate: Planet engineered, earth-norm, variant climate.

Terrain: Few large land masses, mostly islands, artificially craeted wildlife and plantlife.

Notes: Assigned homwworld to the colaborating Corbridel, a highly aquatic-spider like race.


Climate: This atmosphere, cool, barren

Terrain: Barren deserts, Many small moons.

Notes: Once was an earth-norm planet, before a disastrous collision with an asteroid. Ka’Abrel tried to establish a base on it, but lost contact with the first load of constructiion freighters just after landing. Ka’Abrel have been warned by their psi-seerers to stay away from the world.


Climate: Cold airless rock

Terrain: Barren, rocky

Notes: Evidence of an alien colony on this world, never been investigated

Baklar Field

Notes: Sparse asteroid field, not enough large deposits to mine.

Baklar Elor

Climate: Large gas giant, proto-star-characteristics

Terrain: 16 large moons, hundreds of smaller moons.

Notes: imperial scanners have picked up lifeforme within the gas giant.

Baklar Elorad Field

Notes: Medium size field, no mining efforts yet.


Climate: No atmosphere, ice ball.

Terrain: Cold, icy plains, rocky, jagged ice mounatins

Notes: Small automated Imp[erial outpost.

Eshrad Il (3 planets)




Shatoom Rys (4 planets)





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