Kathol Underground

Kathol Underground

Group or Individual’s Name

Known Locations:Known systems, or planets the group or individual can be commonly found
Group Population:Estimated population of the group and number of contacts
Influence:Overall percentage of influence the group has with in it sphere of specialty.  Anything outside that may have a lower percentage
Leader:Name of leader if a group
Alignment:Empire or NR or Independent
Resources:Known resources that the group or individual can reliably get
Trade:Known items the group of individual would be willing to trade for.
Notes:Anything else…

Smugglers of Kolatill

Known Locations:The Asteroid Belt of Kolatill, on board the RockHopper
Group Population:25 internal; 1000+ external contacts and extended associates
Leader:Gris Kerlington
Alignment:Independent/ New Republic Sympathetic
Resources:Imperial Surplus supplies, raw asteroid ore, mining equipment, ship parts
Trade:exotic items, repulsor lift parts, recruits
Notes:A small operation working out of a specially designed shadowport, the Rockhopper.  It’s a large freighter size vehicle that uses repulsor lifts to hop from one asteroid to another.

House Twa’Legra

Known Locations:Torize, Charis, Kolatill, Gandle Ott
Group Population:200.000 est. (fragmented); External contacts vary.
Leader:Yukor’Dak Discuna
Resources:Raw ore, food stuff, minor religious artifacts
Trade:Hi tech, ship parts, hyperdrive tech
Notes:Twi’lek Noble house of significant honor and power before the Empire arrived.  Now it’s simply a fragmented second-rate crime family

Chuborro the Hutt Crime Syndicate

Known Locations:Pembric II
Group Population:90,000+; Moderate size external contact network, with some contacts on Hutt homeworld.
Leader:Chuborro the Hutt
Resources:Illegal spice, arms, liquor, illegal ship parts, stolen goods, rare goods, black market goods
Trade:Bounty hunter services, raw cash, more of the above.
Notes:Chuborro is a not well know hutt, and in fact, was assigned here as punishment.  He detests Twi’Leks and Herglics.

Qulok’s Fist

Known Locations:Kathol Sector
Group Population:4-10; Small external contact network, with most in the Empire
Leader:Kolig – Human Renegade
Resources:Bounty Hunts
Notes:This is a simple bounty hunter group.  Probably the most prominent group in the sector.  Known to work with Sarne.

Sabiador Slavers

Known Locations:Kathol and surrounding Sectors
Group Population:3000+ est.
Leader:Korag Knom – Rodian Slaver
Trade:Slaves, food stuff, high tech
Notes:The slavers the supplied Sarne with his gladiators.  They are known to have a few shadowports in the sector

Noble Houses of Kathol

Known Locations:Throughout the Sector
Group Population:1 million to several billion per house
Influence:2% to 50% depending on the planet
Leader:Noble Lord or Lady
Notes:The Noble Houses of Kathol have varied through the centuries, as power came and went, and trade came and went.  They continue to exist, despite the Empire’s Rule over the Kathol Sector. With Sarne and the Empire gone, and new era awaits the Houses, and they are eager to take advantage of it.

Noble Trade Guilds

Known Locations:Throughout the sector where the Noble Houses are
Group Population:Varies per Trade
Influence:Varies per trade and planet
Leader:GuildMaster of the trade
Alignment:Noble Houses
Trade:Recruits, raw materials, knowledge of the trade
Notes:The Noble Houses of Kathol established the Trade Guilds to handle all the labor among the houses.  The Trade Guild acts as a large union for and guild members, no matter the trade.  All the houses get their workers from the Trade Guild

Church of the Kathol Prophets

Known Locations:Noble House planets
Group Population:Varies with each planet
Influence:Varies with each planet
Leader:High Priest
Alignment:The Church and the Noble Houses
Resources:Knowledge, Religious recruits.
Trade:Knowledge, Religious services
Notes:This Church was started after the Rift was discovered.  Prophets returned from the rift reporting visions of grand knowledge.  Some even manifested powers they never possessed before.

Des’Maric Pirates

Name:Des’Maric Pirates
Known Locations:Kathol Sector
Group Population:1000+; Little external contacts
Leader:MikTiss, Saurton Warrior
Resources:Stolen ships, stolen cargo
Trade:Stolen ships, stolen cargo, Trade route information

Veild-Danol & the Danol Trade Syndicate

Known Locations:Anywhere in the Sector, but most likely on the more backwater planets, like Galtea
Group Population:unknown
Leader:Veild-Danol, alien free trader
Resources:Any traded or black market goods
Trade:Any traded or black market goods
Notes:Veild-Danol is an old alien trader who is very interested in old and religious artifacts.

Kamaybrian Jarell Raiders

Known Locations:Ivatch and the Kathol Rim planets in that area
Group Population:Unknown
Leader:Raskildor Yumat, Jarell Warrior
Resources:Weapons, Mercenary Services
Trade:Weapons, Location of Imperials
Notes:A group of ex-slaves formed a group of raiders to attack the Imperials.  The problem is they aren’t too friendly to anyone else that’s not Jarell.

Bombaasa Cartel

Name:Bombaasa Cartel
Known Locations:Pembric II
Group Population:Unknown
Leader:Crev Bombaasa
Resources:Hijacking, Piracy, Black Marketeering, gunrunning, fencing, loan sharking
Notes:Linked to Hutt agencies

Dr. Cantryl Crime Organization

Known Locations:Gandle Ott
Group Population:1000+
Leader:Dr. Cantryl
Resources:Black Marketeering, information, spice
Trade:weapons, ship parts, information
Notes:Very low-profile crime lord on Gandle Ott.  Hard to find.

Yaskarak’s Tribe of the Tattooed Tentacle

Known Locations:Stellar Northern Rim Worlds
Group Population:1000-2000
Leader:Yaskarak Ulmwyn
Alignment:Fanatically Anti-Imperial
Resources:Contraband, and hiding places for ex-Imperial slaves, small transport Fleet.
Trade:Food stuff, technology
Notes:This group is strongly anti-establishment of any kind, anti-slavery, and severely anti-Imperial.  They are a conglomerate of ex-slaves that escaped to the Kathol Sector that have been hiding for years.  They are lead by a cult-like group of Twi’lek warrior-monks that all the races trust.

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