Keliat (GM Notes)

Keliat (GM Notes)

Important things of note

  1. Keliat’s father Othuard was a Cleric searched with his party for evidence of the old island kingdom of Trizgaria.  
  2. Uncle, who lived with them, was a mystery (possible a former party member unable to adventure due to injury or curse).
  3. Orc criminal named Oogorim tutored her but was captured in part because she failed to stay on watch.  A mental message from her father caused her to pass out at a very critical moment
  4. Old Trizgarian named Aesinos, as he died, passed on a Talisman that someone named Caligari is seeking.  
  5. In trying to save Aesinos, Keliat was badly wounded.  One of her legs was rendered useless.
  6. Saffronis saved her from dying after the attack where she lost her leg and helped replace her leg with a magically enhanced cybernetic leg.

Plot potential

Her Father’s quest

  • Link to the Spear’s origin.  It is an artifact of the Trizgarian empire. A source of power and from his god of balance.
  • He seeks out the spear for his own reasons.
  • Knows something about Voss but does not know his plan {important to not give too much away about Voss and his plans.  They have to go in trusting Voss)
  • His god is the god of balance {NAME}.  Without balance, there is Chaos and Chaos beings destruction.


  • IDEA: He is actually a former party member who Othuard saw as a brother.  After a certain adventure, Uncle Xeekzesh came across some corrupting magic that disabled him (he was a wizard and he lost his connection to magic.)  After Keliat left, he sought ways to get his magic back.  One path he followed was to tap Chaos.  This journey lead Uncle {NAME} to cross paths with his former friend, Othuard.  Part of the reason he is missing is because of a betrayal by Uncle Xeekzesh.


  • Oogorim is seeking revenge.  He is a prominent crime boss in the South and has agents up in Nestora.  Encounters with his thugs would not be uncommon.
  • He is unaware of the truth and perhaps if he knew it, he would make peace.

IDEA:  He has developed into a considerable crime load, and his hunting her down.  He has recently taken over the Night Hawks of the Tasmetra Basin.


  • This is linked to the core plot.  Someone needs a talisman.  Pour the blood of heroes into the Talisman.

Oogorim has heard she is in Nestora and has sent agents to retrieve her – bounty hunters.



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