Keliat, the Catfolk Rogue

Keliat, the Catfolk Rogue


The Trizgarians are a race of felines from the Southern region simply known as The South.  One of many beast folk that can be found in this region, they are highly respected as warriors as well as  craftsmen.  They travel in nomadic tribes traditionally across the Southern Highlands, but some tribes have settled in more fertile regions near water ways.  Keliat was raised in one of the larger settlements of farmers and crafters, at the meeting place of the three main rivers of the region – the Norest, the Daghyr, and the Luidin.  The town is called Riverjoin.

Riverjoin is populated by a strong mixture of beast folk including saurian and catfolk.  However the catfolk are not originally from that region.  They speak of a great kingdom that once existed before the Cataclysm, an island nation that has since sunk to the bottom of the sea.  Now they are a fractured people, spread all over the planet.

Keliat was born in the local temple and raised in a mixed family of varied relations.  It was common practice among their people to establish a Pride and her family commonly took in relatives that needed a home.  Along with her two parents and two older siblings, a first cousin and someone they called an uncle although there was no evidence he was actually related.   Tragically, Keliat’s mother died at Keliat’s birth, leaving her with just her father and the rest to raise her.  Her father found a new mate later, but never had any further children.

Her father Othuard was a adventuring cleric, commonly gone for long periods of time, in search of evidence of their people’s lost kingdom.  Her first cousin always accompanied Othuard on these jaunts.  Her father was once part of a nomadic tribe of Trizgarians but when he met Keliat’s mother, he settled down in Riverjoin.  However, many of his former tribesmen resent this of him and Othuard commonly had violent encounters with them when they rolled into town.

Her older sister followed a path of chef and food service, serving some of the local nobles some exquisite creations.  She is well known for her intensity in the kitchen.  Her older brother, the oldest in the family, was a well-known rebel and very disrespectful to “establishment”.  He ended up in the hover bike race circuit and travels all over the continent.

Her uncle, Xeekzesh was a mystery to her but her father trusted him with his family often.  She saw him more often than her own father.  He never really talked about his past and seemed to avoid any discussions of it.  It seemed like he had something to hide.  Ever since Keliat can remember,  he walked with a limp, indicating a old injury, but like his past, he never speaks of it.

Keliat was inspired by her brother more than anyone else in the Pride, at an early age.  Taking to the streets, she found the skills of a pickpocket almost naturally.  She onces followed her older brother to one of his races – an illegal one riding dangerous creatures in the canyons.  While watching her brother race, she met an Orc criminal named Oogorim who she befriended and  later mentored with.  She learned many inner social workings of the underground networks of the region.

She remained a prodigy for Oogorim for a while until one day she was on a job with him where she was assigned as watch near a temple.  Little did she know that this temple was dedicated to the same god that her father was devoted to.  While standing on watch, her vision began to blur as she began to hear voices in her head.  She passed out and because of this, Oogorim was captured by the local authorities  and taken away.

The voices were of her father calling out to her. Othuard said he needed her help.  He did not give her any clues to where he was but she immediately set out to find him.  She has been searching for him ever since, stopping at any shrine to his god in hopes of contacting him again. At each one, she only got a vague feeling of direction and continued onward.

At one particular shrine, she found an old Trizgarian named Aesinos under attack by brigands.  She aided him and in return, he promised to help her get more information on her father.  Aesinos prayed for days while she stayed with him to help him recover from the attack. While waiting, more brigands returned and a fight ensued.  In the fight, Keliat could hear the thugs screaming at the old man “Where is the talisman!?  Where is it old man!?  Caligari is looking for it!” The monk never produced any talisman.  In the fight, Keliat was badly wounded and lost her leg.  The old monk was mortally wounded but before taking his last breath, he said…

“The only thing I could find out about your father, the honored Cleric Othuard is that he is still alive.   Take this and maybe it will bring you luck…”

He handed her a talisman.  Before he could answer any questions about it, he passed.  She almost followed him if it weren’t for a lucky passerby who found her and helped her heal from her wounds.  He was an old human wizard craftsman named Saffronis who just so happened to have the skills to create a magically-enhanced cybernetic leg.  In a few weeks while travelling with Saffronis, Keliat recovered and was soon off continuing her quest.  She could only think it was the talismen that brought Saffronis to her aid.

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    “I am Keliat of the lost people of Trizgaria, acquirer of many things, keeper of few. I am master apprentice to Oogorim, Shadow of the South, keeper of the secrets of Aesinos, and the Death Seeker of Caligari. I have scaled the mountains of SOUTHERN MOUNTAINS, to brave the Golems of Malrath Valley and the Tentacled Thing of the Agro Catacombs. The blood of my people’s heroes flow in my veins, giving me the strength to slay demons, dragons and demi-gods. I am THE Trigarian Warrior Mage of the battle of the Four Peaks, the Cat-Knight of Flaming Claws and daughter of the Battle Cleric Othuard, Nigh Prist of the Circle of Kresss’sssik, keepers of the Sun-heart!”

    The first thing that Keliat does is investigates the strange cylinder given to her by Gurlock. It is a metallic cylinder not much bigger than a cigar tube. On the end is a button. Keliat was nervous to open it for days but finally drummed up the courage.

    Upon pressing the button, a needle pricks her finger and draws a miniscule blood sample. After a few moments, the cylinder beeps once and falls open. Inside are two things:

    A key of unknown origin

    A small blank piece of paper

    Still bleeding from the prick of the cylinder, her blood leaked out onto the paper. Her Blood then magically began to form a message on the paper.

    “My younger daughter, I hope you are safe and well. My visions from my goddess Jatia, Goddess Of Balance todl me you would cross paths with Gurlock. Imagine my surprise to learn you would travel so far north. You have too much of me in your blood, your mother would say.

    “There is so much I wish to tell you but I have little time. I leave you this note to warn you that you are in grave danger. The man you grew up to know as your Uncle is in fact just a brother in arms to me, or at least at one time he was. After one particularly difficult mission, Uncle Xeekzesh was badly wounded. It became apparent that it was more than just a physical wound that ailed him. He was cursed. He was the magic user in our party and unfortunately, he had lost all his access to his magical powers.

    “This is how he came to our house. In return for his loyalty, I gave him my home to recover and perhaps find a way to reconnect to the arcane. After you left, I believe he connected with something darker and more sinister. He has been driven insane and now serves the the forces that oppose our goddess – Chaos.

    “He seeks you out as a means to find me again. He betrayed me but his plans failed. I have had to disappear while I find a way to thwart his plans. Now his agents seek you. Be careful, my sweet Kell-Bell. I will find you soon.”

  3. Gurlock allowed Keliat to perform her necessary duties for the party but secretly hired her to other more covert jobs in his efforts to wrestle with the varying politics of the Beer Guild. Keliat found herself often at The Pegasus acting as his personal spy on other Beer Guildsman. In these efforts, Gurlock helped her hone her stealth and thievery skills. This revealed a new side of Gurlock to Keliat that no one else saw. He can be conniving, sneaky and manipulative.

    Gurlock is the Master Guildsman or leader of the Beer Guild. There are four other major Beer Baron families that Gurlock is in constant conflict with.

    Davonmeer – Northern region beer makers, they are a family of half-elves.
    Clayport – A family of Dwarven beer makers that reside on the river ports.
    Doonnaris – A family of Saurians who mastered a Saurian high tech.
    Grouldabergs – Gnomes who have tapped a magical spring in the southern hills.

    The conflict between Gurlock and his rivals is a complex web of profit, trade and numbers. The strongest rivalry was with Davonmeer and the half-elves who are the most deceitful of the Guild. The half-elves were manipulating the Farmers Guild and the sale of hops in their favor and Gurlock had to find out how.
    Keliat was sent in to steal information from one of the lead Guild Masters Gurlock suspected was behind the plot. This Guildsman – a gray half-elf former-warrior named Jeflamar – had a mansion set in the forest near Fort Umber. Keliat’s had a bad feeling about it from the beginning. Gurlock knew some people in Fort Umber that gave Keliat refuge while she cased the job, but the whole time she worked, her instincts were telling her there was something bad about this job.

    After a few days of observing and studying her victims, she decided to act on her instincts. Setting up as if she was going to execute her plan, she set everything up until the last moment, when she doubled back and found her instincts were correct. She was being watched the whole time by some unknown figure since she arrived at Fort Umber. She made plans to turn things around on her new friend. But she knew she had to work fast, because it would not be long before this person figured out he was made.

    In an alleyway in Fort Umber, she confronted the man who turned out to be a rather burly half-orc. After a short fight, Keliat was able to subdue her foe long enough to get some answers. He was a bounty hunter and there was a bounty put on her head.

    “Oogorim is looking for you, pretty kitty. He had no idea you had gone so far north. He wants payback for abandoning him a few years back.”

    Unfortunately for him, he would not return to Oogorim to report Keliat’s location.

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