Khlith Taywon, Candrosian Explorer

Khlith Taywon, Candrosian Explorer

Khlith is originally from what is considered a Barbaric Culture by his people’s standards, where a charismatic divine-right dictator ruled over feudalistic region.  His nations was called Okesh.  Okeshian power was secured and maintained by violence and rights for those without power are unheard-of.   While other “first world” nations on this planet flourished, they tended to do so on the backs of the lesser nations, like Okesh.

Within the Okeshian culture, Khlith’s family was considered Well-to-Do and somewhat protected from much of the harshness of their societyThey owned a large homes, had household servants and had private transportation, and often traveled a lot.  His family was deeply ingrained in the trade business that kept their nation going.  His household family was considerably extended, including grandparents and many of other cousins.  Khlith was the first of five, born on his racial home world.  The nation of Okesh were based on a series of volcanic islands in the eastern sea of their world.

What Khlith did not know until recently was the circumstances surrounding his birth (and the birth of his siblings).  His father, a well-known diplomat and religious figure, was also secretly a psionically gifted individual.  This was frowned upon within the nation of the Okesh, so it was hidden.  However, according to his mother, Khlith was birthed during a ritual that his father performed.  Khlith’s father feared for his wife’s life during the birth and used his abilities to have the child birthed through a dimensional gate.  Khlith still has dreams (or memories) of another world beyond the fabric of reality, perhaps a place he passed as he was being born. This became common practice for his parents as it was deemed the safest way to have their children.

As said, Khlith’s father was a ore trade diplomat and respected religious leader.  He was very strict and regimented.  He dressed in strict, unadorned, no-nonsense clothing and expected everyone else to do the same.  Between Khlith’s father and his grandfather’s work, the family flourished and became well respected within the Candrosian nation of Okresh.

Khlith’s mother was as strong an authoritarian figure as his father.  What Khlith found out later was just how closely she worked for the family business.  Before the marriage, she performed needed covert tasks for her husband and her father in law, including “wet work” and assassinations.  However, when she became a mother and wife, she reduced her workload for the family to focus on the children.

  • Sibling 1 (male) – Khlith’s closest sibling is a well known philosopher, thinker, and theologian serving the same religious sect as his father. Khlith relationship with this sibling is best described as sportingly contentious.  They are considered fierce rival in a particular local sporting activity.   The sibling hates Khlith bitterly for his support of a particular religious belief and it is currently an unresolved grudge. This rivalry often clouds judgement and at times has lead to no-holds-barred conflict. The sibling maximizes all opportunities to thwart the Khlith, hoping to cause injury in so doing.  For the sibling, however, it has grown to a near unhealthy obsession.
  • Sibling 2 (male) – Sibling 2 was an attorney on the business side of the family trade syndicate.  He dealt in the finer points of the law and working ways around them. At one time however, he tried his hand at his mother’s profession – an enforcer of the business – and it did not go well.  He was horribly wounded once on the job and now has an impressive facial scarHis sorted past came to haunt him and he thrown into prison and later supposedly died there.  In truth however, the father used his powers to free his son through an inter-dimensional rift.   The sibling’s death was faked and now lives under an alias.
  • Sibling 3 (female) – She is a warehouse worker for the family business, overseeing much of the grunt work.   She is well-known to be a blacksheep of the family, married multiple times, and has a sorted past she is hesitant to speak of.  One of her ex-husband’s newest wives regularly seeks out this sibling to harass her and is intensely jealous of the character’s looks.  This person hates the character, and goes out of his way to harass this sibling.   This sibling is also known for her skills aerial acrobatics and clown acts at the local circus.
  • Sibling 4 (male) – The youngest sibling works as a Government Official, assistant to the City Ruler.   He works secretly to cover up much of the dealings of the family business.

During Khlith’s childhood,  war with a rival faction waged among the islands – the Okesh Civil War.  For a period of time, his parents and family were outlawed and had to go into hiding.  However, his family allied with the right side and they came out victorious, earning a prestigious position within the new regime.  They were given the mines of a former rival and this is what they based their family business on.  This rival family still has living members and seek revenge against Khlith’s family.

As the first born, the family expected him to take over the family business but he had other plans.   As a child, Khlith spent a lot of time on the family luxury space ship they used to visit various in-system assets through out the home system.  As he grew older, a passion for exploration developed inside him.  He eventually served on the ship while at the same time, using the ship AI to learn various sciences.

On one of these voyages late in his adolescence while on a mining survery of a asteroid, he stumbled upon a derelict alien ship.  On board this ship were hostile aliens they later learned were Sathars stored in stasis pods.  Not knowing their pension for violence, his team freed the Sathars.  A battle ensued, but the Sathars were no match for the battle prowess of the Okeshi-Candrosian.  Khlith learned from this encounter not only the existence of the Sathars but also the threat they represent.

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    Adventure and new experiences were one of the main reasons why Khlith left his home world and set out into the Frontier. New Pale was not his first stop but it was the most exciting. It was a interesting study in Frontier politics and alien sapient behavior. Humans were fascinating.
    The Truane Star Authority that had recently taken over New Pale after a horrid war with the Human-Supremacist HUSPs. However, as altruistic as the Authority was with multiculturalism, they had become as ruthless and savage as their enemy. It was a sad but fascinating study in macro-sociology and intra-system politics.

    His family also asked you while you were exploring to always be on the look out for trade and business opportunities for their family as they were looking to expand into the Frontier. To Khlith’s surprise, on New Pale, he spotted other Candrosians working with Frontier corporate execs. After some digging and paying off the right beings, Khlith was able to ascertain the identity of these individuals – Frontier Corporate types were from Streel Corporations weapons division and the Candrosian were from the Ishikonsen clan – the very rival clan that his family defeated in the Okesh Civil War.

    Further investigation was difficult. Using the fact that he was a Candrosian to his advantage, he infiltrated the delegation of Ishikonsen. Before his discovery, he found that the Ishikonsen were working with Streel for an arms deal to perhaps take back their “rightful” land take by the Taywon family. However, his discovery complicated things and drove him to escape New Pale on the Volturnus mission. Ironically, Streel (Exploration and Survey division, not Weapons) was a sponsor of this mission.

    However, how long before Weapons divisions learns of this mission and his presence on it, only the gods new.