Species: Human

Type: Supernatural Mutant

Origin: France


Documented Notes

Leon Kinski is an unfortunate victim of human frailty and cruelty. He was infatuated with a woman, who scorned him for his ugly looks. He sought help in the mystic powers, and found an elixir called St. Victor’s Dissolution. It was a sure for the “psychosis” of appearance. It was said to have the ability to change one’s features to his imagination and will. What he wasn’t told of was the elixir’s intoxicating effects. In this state, he wondered out to gaze at the crescent moon, and thus changed his features forever.

He says he later committed suicide by drowning himself in the river, but rose again with the moon. Now, he is a creature of the night, with all his desires focused now in the faces of the moon, wehre he sees “all his lusts made chilly perfection”.

Add-ins & Elaborations

Kinksi is apparently a rogue of sorts with-in the breed, befriending Peloquin.

His passion for the moon takes him out, late and night, where he can gaze at it all night. His has a small pack of wolves he likes to travel with, when he’s out, who he calls his children.

In the moon he sees many things, from visions to poetry. His gains strength from it, and power that no one but him understands.

He has a sensitivity to sunlight that can be deadly if in the sun too long.

Natural Weapons/Abilities

Blades – Kinski likes crescent-shaped blades.

Supernatural Weapons/Abilities

Human and Darkling Emapthy.