Kischen Minor (Timeon IV)

Kischen Minor (Timeon IV)

Kischen Minor is a dead barren rock world with little to no atmosphere, and always has been.  The surface consists of an extremely dense federanium composite .  The terrain is jagged and dangerous, rocky rides with knife-like edges.  However, underground is even worse.  Underneath this surface is huge caverns and within the caverns are subterranean lakes and rivers of red molecular acid.  The dense federanium composite is resistant to the acid, allowing for huge lakes in the underground caverns. This also makes for pockets of noxious gasses within the caverns, creating a very inhospitable environment.

Underton is the Saurians central city on Kischen Minor.  The majority of it was built on an island that protrudes from one of the acid lakes. The city rises from the island to the cavern ceiling, where it continues onward through the crust and onto the surface.  The subterranean Underton – about 80 to 100 km in diameter –  houses the ore processing plant, the main Cathedral of Glom,  and the main housing area for all the Sor Saurians.  Mag-lev lines protrude outward from Underton to 12 different directions leading to the 12 different main mining facilities on the planet.   Each mining facility is a small city into itself and they are connected to a complex series of tunnels leading down into the surface.

With the processing plant comes waste which is dumped into the lake.  This evaporates in the acid, creating gas that collects on the ceiling and condenses.    The created a constant rain of industrial waste in the caverns around Underton.

Despite the natural acid and the addition of industrial waste, life does exist on Kischen Minor.  VORASTS are armor plated whale-like creatures that feed on fungus on the cavern walls.  The Sor Saurians have tried to control the Vorast population by hunting them regularly because they have caused problems for the ore transportation barges.

The rain and acid lakes and rivers create a strange swamp like atmosphere of fog and gas. There is air pressure within the caverns, creating a muffled sonics.  There are no natural holes to the surface and there are many unexplored areas.

Colony Profile: Kischen Minor Mining Facility

System: Timeon

Planet: Timeon VI (Krischen Minor)

As part of one of the first attempts to populate the Frontier with the Saurian Refugees, a colony ship was opened and the contents were herded to the dead world Timeon VI, by order of Pan Galactic Corp. The Council of Worlds had decided to let the corporations handle the revivification of the Saurian race, under the strict eye of the World Council security and Star Law. Pan Galactic, being one of the first to encounter the Saurians, took on the responsibilities , along with a few allied corporations.

Timeon VI, at that time, was under survey for a possible full-scale mining operation. There had been some minor attempts to mine the planet in the past, with little results because the vacuum conditions and the lack of workers willing to work in that environment. This was true until the Saurian svik Sor was released from the slumber. The People of Sor were highly grateful for anything they could get. Compared to being put to sleep again, Timeon VI seemed like a blessing. All they requested was the proper facilities, a space station and a change in the planet’s name; Kischen Minor, where all Saurians would be welcome. Unfortunately, not many Saurians have ever been interested in visiting.

The Sorans were given the mining rites, with certain percentages going to Pan Galactic. They formed the Sor Mining Association of Kischen Minor (SMAKM “Smak ’em”). The Saurians of Sor took pride in their small subsidiary corporation and thrived to become a strong mining company. The Sorans not only brought their pride and will to work hard, but also their politics of old, and conflicts internally were soon to follow.

Issues long thought dead arose from the ashes. Divisions long thought dissolved since the near destruction by the Sathar onslaught, redivided the svik of Sor. The Trustees of Glom, the church of Sor, worshipping their god of Order and Justice, felt the people should be ruled under the way of the church; the church and the state were inseparable. Of course, “coincidentally” this included rule over the SMAKM and all its operations. The state, under the Chief of Sor, akurasvik Iguul Maratsul, felt as his fore fathers did; ” … the church has its place and the state, its place. One can not occupy the same with out sacrificing freedom.” This stems from the creed of the Chieftainship; “Freedom and unity among all, and honor for the Sor”.

To insure the unity and freedom among the Sor, centuries ago the Chieftainship formed the Warriors of Sor, a group of specially trained security personnel, all full-blood Sor Saurians, well trained in all forms of combat, acting as keepers of the peace and the Chief’s personal bodyguards. They hold to a strict code of honor, above all holding the life of the Chief higher than any of ere’ In response to this, the church created their own guard; the Guard of Glom, “protecting all that is sacred and sanctioned by the church against corruption”, according to the church; in reality, they were the churches death squad and secret assassins. The two forces grew stronger in competition, but the state had the upper hand; they had the power, until the Sathar war brought them together against a common enemy.
With the destruction of Kischen and the subsequent pilgrimage, it was thought the old rivalries were forgotten. However, the conflicts were not dead and no sooner did the Sor have a new home, did the two factions begin butting heads for power. The state still had the majority of it, but because of the circumstances, the Trustees gained in their power while the state was trying to bring their people back together. With the secret help of Streel, the Trusteeship and the Guard were able to disband the Warriors. The Trustees convinced the Chief that the Guard was all that was needed, and the Warrior were past their time. The Church of Glom soon gained all but one seat in the Chieftainship and that was not an easy seat to take.

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